Jyoti is a writer and editor with 6 years of experience in scientific and medical writing. She has been the recipient of ICMR's JRF and has worked in public health care sector and medical research. She is presently working as a Managing Editor!

Is a normal delivery or vaginal birth possible after cesarean?


With the overshoot of cesarean deliveries by almost 5 to 10 times in the last 5 decades and considering the risks associated with surgery, the medical fraternity is promoting vaginal births after cesarean or VBAC. Yes! You read it right! Even if you had delivered your f... Read More

Truth or Myth: Eating too much sugar will cause diabetes!


Many of us believe that eating too much sugar will cause diabetes. But, is it really true? Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugar? Here’s the Fact!... Read More

Truth or Myth: Brief Exposure to Loud Music Can Cause Hearing Loss!


Does music act as your drug and you sincerely believe in turning up the volume, closing your eyes, and letting the music take over your soul? If you said 'yes', then you might have also come across some free advice on not listening to loud music. The constant advic... Read More

Truth or Myth: Eating Pineapples During Pregnancy Will Cause Miscarriage !


When you are pregnant, you may hear many advices coming from your friends, family members, even strangers telling you what to eat and what not to eat! Though some of these warnings given are helpful, others may be just a wrong information.One of the most common advices ... Read More

Truth or Myth: Dietary Supplements Are A Must For Our Well-Being


These day people firmly believe that dietary supplements can help cure many ailments and keep them healthy and strong inside-out. You can find supplements for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, omega fatty acids, and many more. ... Read More

Why You Should Choose to Breastfeed Your Baby?


Every baby and mom are unique and the decision to breastfeed your baby is all a personal matter. But, the medical research from all across the world, including ones from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, strongly recommends to exclusively breastfe... Read More

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