It is a common belief that people who are more clever and intelligent have larger brains. But when it comes to intelligence, does the size of the brain really matter?

Intelligence is a person's ability to solve problems occurring in their natural and social environment that encompasses associative learning, memory, behavior, abstract thinking, concept formation, and insight. So, it does make sense that someone with a bigger brain will inevitably be brainier. But it is a myth!

Here's the Fact!   

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Brain size is not a significant determinant of the level of intelligence of a person. Research studies state that if larger brains meant higher intelligence, then elephants would be more intelligent than humans, and horses more intelligent than chimpanzees.

The fact is that people who are smarter have efficient neuronal connections and a higher information processing capacity. The more you involve in cognitively challenging tasks, the better is the development of the brain networks.

Earlier it was thought that larger brains have more number of neurons (the nerve cells in the brain) so they are more intelligent. However, it is not the numbers but the way these neurons are linked to each other in the brain that determines the intelligence of a person.

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