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Psychiatrist, Child

My son, 12.5 yr old, has cold/running nose , soar throat and ear block. Can you plz suggest some medicines

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Concerned for Your Child’s Health? Ask a Pediatrician Online for Help Today!

When your kids are feeling sick, your entire world is thrown into upheaval. You suffer when they suffer. Your highest priority is identifying the problem and fixing it as soon as possible, so the little ones can get back to running around, playing with friends, laughing, going to school, and enjoying life.

What happens when sickness strikes while you’re on the go or late at night, and you can’t make it into a doctor’s office? You need to talk to an expert immediately, but where can you find one at a moment’s notice?

Don’t worry. Ask A Doctor- 24x7 is here to help.

Using our service, you can ask a pediatrician online about any health challenge or concern affecting your children. Contact us any time of the day, wherever you are, with a mobile device, tablet, or from any internet connection. We care about your child’s well-being and can provide you with the answers you need to help him or her feel better, fast.

Ask A Doctor- 24x7 lets you ask a pediatrician online about:

• Children's health, growth, nutritional and developmental problems
• Bed-wetting and ADHD
• Asthma
• Allergy
• Fever
• Appetite problems
• Skin disorders
• Pneumonia
• Vaccination issues

Experience You Can Rely On

Ask A Doctor- 24x7 gives you access to thousands of well-respected doctors across the globe with decades of experience treating children for a wide array of illnesses and conditions. Our experts have answered millions of questions from people like you. They have a proven track record of helping parents all over the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We pledge 100 percent customer satisfaction. Whatever question you want to ask a pediatrician online using our service, we welcome the chance to show how much we care.

Answers When You Need Them

There’s no time to waste when dealing with sick children, and Ask A Doctor- 24x7 understands that. Our service lets you talk to a professional whenever a problem arises, day or night, and get an honest, thorough response in a matter of minutes. 

Setting up a doctor’s appointment in an office can take days, costing you and your child valuable time at work or school. Waiting only means more suffering for your child and sleepless nights for you.

It’s so convenient to be able to ask a pediatrician online for guidance and advice. Ask A Doctor- 24x7 is proud to provide that service.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

Your child’s health is your business, and you have a right to privacy when seeking treatment. Our doctors respect that. We want you to feel safe and secure asking any question or addressing any issue.

When you come to Ask A Doctor- 24x7 to ask a pediatrician online for help, everything you say will remain strictly confidential. We’ll never share your story with anyone. We’ll assess your situation without judgment and answer your questions with the sensitivity you’d expect from experienced medical professionals.

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Please don’t waste another minute worrying about the health of your child. Our pediatricians are available right now to take your questions and help your little loved one find the road to recovery. Reach out today to start the process.