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Bent penis

Bent penis is abnormal bending or curvature of the penis. Peyronie's disease is a severe curvature of the erect penis. Many men have a slight curve of the penis. As long as there is no pain or problem with sexual performance, men with a slightly curved penis should not be concerned and do not need to see a doctor.

A minor bend in the erect penis is perfectly normal, as few penises are straight as an arrow. In some cases of Peyronie's, however, the penis can bend severely left, right, up or down, or even back on itself, making intercourse impossible.

The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Bent penis

Penis curvature is characterized as an abnormal angulation of the erect penile (bent penis). Two-thirds of men whose penis is bent experienced pain the shaft. In most cases, it will progressively settle down and vanish without treatment in a few months. Curvature of the penis alone is not harmful, but irregularly, severe bending would makes intercourse or sexual act difficult or virtually impossible.


Below are the causes that are the main issues that are responsible for the penis curvature.

 Weak and poor development

Weak and poor growth of the corpora cavernosa (Spongy tissue) is another cause of curvature. The penile tissue consists of spongy tissue called the corpora cavernosa. If the small opening in the spongy tissue on one side of builds up to a lesser degree than that on the other side then the lesser-developed side will have more blood circulation. This increased blood flow would vigor the head over the furthest point of control, causing a curved or banana shaped penile tissue.

 Restrictive clothing

When males who wear very tight underwear get an erections, their penile tissue are restricted from a typical outward growth. They often curve their penises over to the side to hide the awkward erection. This affects the enlargement because blood will flow better through one side of the spongy tissue and depart the other side under nourish.


Acute or recurring trauma (hitting or bending) can lead to localized bleeding inside the penile tissue. This leads to fibrin deposition (scar tissue) in the tissue gap that receives injury. Also, the trauma can cause collagen to be rapt that can lead to pathologic fibrosis – the creation of calcium deposits.


With age there is a reduction in the elasticity of collagen fibers which can also lead to scar tissue.

Treatment of bent penis

  • Surgery is really never necessary for straightening a curved penis.
  • Penile Traction.
  • Surgical alternatives include tightening or tucking the penis opposite the curvature to produce straightening.
  • To straighten a curved penis all you have to do is stretch the shorter skin to equal the longer skin on the other side.
  • If a mild curve does not get better within 18 months, verapamil cream or injections may be helpful.
  • In the case of an extreme curve, painful intercourse, or if there is the potential for impotence, surgical correction of the curve may be necessary.
  • If the bend is not severe, and it does not prevent sex, it is recommended to live it.