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2 1 Fri, 3 May 2024
Hi there, I’m a senior in high school and just recently started having regular sex. I’ve had a couple instances where I went limp in the middle of intercourse and then another time when I couldn’t get hard but 20 minutes later it was not a problem. Why is this becoming an issue for me at a young...
2 1 Tue, 2 Apr 2024
When last we tried to convinve it become miscarriage after 5 week pregnancy doctor do all test me & my wife I m also do semen analysis my semen analysis report is sperm concentration - 22ml / ml total motality - 55% Progressive motality -40% non Progressive -15% immotile -45% pus cell -5-6 doctor...
2 1 Tue, 2 Apr 2024
Hi Doctor. I am 32 years old. I am single. I started masturbation at the age age of 12. Since then I continued this. It effected my life too much. Such as, I lost weight, I lost my Hair, and because of continuous masturbation I am suffering from memory loss. This is creating many problems for my...
2 1 Mon, 4 Mar 2024
I m 23 yrs old Hello , I have problem in my chest .1yr When i masturbate it pains will came chest and left side of chest.i current weight is 64 but problem did not solved ...Then i thought it was due to masturbate 3-4 times a week so I stopped masturbating for a month ...After a month when I did...
2 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
Hello.I am so upset please.I am a disabled person cannot walk.I was talking with my partner and I felt little amount of precum on penis but penis was not erected.I was wearing two layers clothes.but accidentally I touched my clothes 2or three times and pulled penis from two layers clothes and...
2 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
Hi I am an ocd patient six years ago I was suffering from severe ocd it was not in control I got addicted by mastrbution so I did masturbation 6to7 times a day the thing is now im in condition like im in dream blurry vision joint pain back pain dark circle under my eyes I can t even think or...
2 1 Mon, 1 Jan 2024
Hey docs, my girlfriend and I were dry humping eachother a week ago both with only underwear on. And now she has had a slight headache for 3 days or so and she also just got a bit of a stomach ache. She normally will have her period kn 8 days. She thinks maybe her underwear moved a little bit and...
2 1 Mon, 1 Jan 2024
I had an encounter with a man who said he was hiv negative. Theres was no anal sex and minimal oral sex with no ejaculation in my mouth. He masturbated are penises together and I ejaculated first then he ejaculated and his semen may have gotten on the tip of my penis and my urethra. Is there a...
2 1 Wed, 29 Nov 2023
Hi I m a 41 yr old female, at the age of 22 or 23 yrs old I had to have a partial hystorectomy. I was in a serious car accident Dec. 22, 2017 with multiple serious injuries as well. For the last few weeks maybe months my husband says It seems as if I m pulling away from him & not just mentally...
2 1 Tue, 21 Nov 2023
Hi after my history to me about a year and a half ago every time I climax I have an orgasm by myself or with my husband I get really short of breath start coughing start throwing up like funny white foamy s*** is that normal and it lasts forever where I make short of breath and Weezy I can t get...
2 1 Fri, 3 Nov 2023
Hi since i see of lot of questions a if sperm can travel trought clothes. There are almost none where it describes the exact situation im interested in. Will it be much more likely if penetration is happening but still with a single layer saturated from vagina fluid underwear between. How likely...
2 1 Thu, 2 Nov 2023
Can aggressive/excessive masturbation inguinal hernia? I know this question has been asked many times but I think my situation is different. I pull my dick down during masturbation and rub it against my testicles until I come. Does this cause an inguinal hernia?
2 1 Thu, 2 Nov 2023
Hi...its been a year since i have been masturbating...When I first started, my boyfriend asked to use some oil while fingering so I did and it went hard and I was scared to see blood on my hands and then the bleeding reduced to a few drops and then it was over till the next day..M worried does it...
2 1 Thu, 2 Nov 2023
Can aggressive/excessive masturbation inguinal hernia? I know this question has been asked many times but I think my situation is different. I pull my dick down during masturbation and rub it against my testicles until I come. Does this cause an inguinal hernia?
2 1 Thu, 2 Nov 2023
Hi, my boyfriend and I were dry humping he had his underwear on and sweatpants and I had my thong on and thin pants, he touched my genitals through my clothes no sperm was on it, could I be pregnant? I have had symptoms like bloated eating more and peeing more, i took a pregnancy test 10 days...
2 1 Tue, 31 Oct 2023
Hi I just had anal sex like two days ago and didn’t use any lubricant and also it was my first time I just got like pink around my anus like irritation just yesterday because it doesn’t irritate anymore today but it’s a little pink around my Anus is that normal in my situation ?
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
Hi Doctor, I ve been struggling with sex and porn addiction my whole life (right now im 28). Ive lost everything i care about. Ive tried therapy, medicaments, ive tried everything, lately ive been thinking of taking my own life. Is there any solution plz for this type of addiction ? Should i use...
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
I just stimulated my clit with an electric toothbrush…I do it often and the results are amazing. Just now, I was only just getting started and my head started to pound. Both sides of brain felt like they were going to explode through my head! So excruciating, never felt anything like it.
2 1 Tue, 31 Jan 2023
How to improve sexual performance? dear sir, I am having one porblem to discuss with you is that my sex time is very less means i am getting enjoy while doing sex and have no good time of sex means i am getting
2 1 Tue, 31 Jan 2023
Hello please i need your advice, my wife gave birth about a month and half ago,she is presently not interested in family planning because of the risk involved while I am not ready to take any risk,not even with using condom alone because I don t believed it can totally prevent unwanted pregnancy...
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