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20735 34 Sat, 8 Sep 2012
What is the best medicine for hair fall? Is there any medicine to permanently cure this problem?
24713 25 Thu, 9 Aug 2012
i m little dark, i want to become fair. My sister is fair and every one likes her . I am little dark i feel very inferior about my complesion. I tried doing bleaching of my face. Is there any cream available to increase my complesion.
2271 16 Fri, 1 Jul 2011
I am a 16 year old girl. I have been facing the problem of excessive hair loss since a year. By now I have lost 90% of my hair. I have been using many ayurvedic oils but the hair loss is increasing day-by-day. Could you please suggest me remedies for minimizing hair loss and regrowing?
5196 16 Sat, 16 Apr 2011
my face is gettng darker and rest of the body is fine. I am 28. I want to meet a Dermatologist. Will I be able to get in Bangalore.
723 15 Thu, 15 Aug 2013
HOW to glow skin more and more ?
4910 14 Mon, 28 Feb 2011
i am 18 year old male...i am having severe hairfall i dont know what to do with this..i am very particular about my hairstyle...i cant imagine myself there any drug which can reduce my hair fall...please help me out...
5882 13 Fri, 20 May 2011
I have joined the band guys it’s been 5 months now and my face is scared as a battle field, with blood oozing out at will, and pus from eruptions, and pits where the war soldiers died (my normal skin). Can anyone suggest me something for now? You need to start some sort of a treatment pal else...
402 12 Sun, 12 Jun 2011
hi doctor I am 19 and I have started to see white hairs and it is terribly upsetting me please help me i think it might be a cause from excess reading late night and taking stress please give me any solutions.
1652 10 Thu, 23 Jun 2011
652 10 Tue, 5 Apr 2011
i am having cracked lips.....i am using himalaya lip balm but still every winter i get this proble.m..i dont know how to prevent this...pls help me out
1932 10 Sat, 14 May 2011
My 4 year old child has skin problems. Doctor says it is eczema. The medicines are not very helpful sometimes. What is the best thing to do?
2761 9 Tue, 10 May 2011
hello doctor i m 21 year old and i continuous loss my hair whenever i combed or shampoo mostly from the frontal area and its losing from the tip of the root with a white follical so plz suggest me something dear doctor very soon.i m waiting
254 8 Sat, 19 Feb 2011
Hi Doctor ... My brother is suffering from Hair loss on scalp from many years.. He used many drugs suggested by doctor in Chennai..But all are temporary results only. He stopped drugs because to have children and also not to have problem for his children. Now, another problem came for him i.e.,...
1181 8 Mon, 17 Jan 2011
Hi, I have very fair complexsion and I have dark brown spots on my face.My skin type is oily.So is there any way to remove these spots.Doctors advised me to protact skin from sun light but have not given any medicine to remove existing spots. I am 28 years old girl.I have oily skin and very fair...
2501 8 Thu, 26 May 2011
I have white hairs from the age of 23. Right now iam 25 years old , there is any solution for recovering it to black. I have about 2o to 30% of white hairs
6191 8 Wed, 2 Feb 2011
Iam 22 year old, iam using lipstick daily for the college. I have noticed since many days iam seeing that my lip is getting turned to black color. This is looking very bad. I cannot go with out the lipstick. It has become like that. I want to know how to make my lips pink like before
1285 8 Thu, 10 Feb 2011
My child is 6 years old and there is one of his friends has bad eczema. Is it communicable? And should I tell my child not to play with him?
953 7 Mon, 9 Apr 2012
Hi, I am 58 years old, overweight , but active. I have no significant medical history. I have a very large, flat, brown, bumpy mole near my rectum . It occassionally bleeds , and is beginning to cross the midline. It started on the left side, but seems to be getting larger especially over the...
256 7 Wed, 23 Feb 2011
Hi Doctor. i am 28 years old. now i am having a question on somthing that i felt is neurofibroma. this is because...there are some tumor kind of stuff on my both the arms and my both thighs, some on stomach and small small all around my body. when i was in standard 5 or standard 6 i found..1 or...
5666 7 Fri, 25 Jun 2010
Hi, I am a female, 28 years old. I have developed a dark area around my mouth since, I do not remember since when. It has been there for few years now, but never got it treated as I thought it might disappear automatically after a healthy diet or so. However, it continued to exist and later when...
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