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Dr. Behar Greca , M.B.B.S.
General & Family Physician
Lushnje, Albania, Albania   View Clinic 

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General & Family Physician
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I have always liked psychology and I have to say that dealing with the psychological aspect of the patients is one of my priorities. I also follow strictly all the protocols of the diagnosis and treatment.  
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Qendra Shëndetësore Pluk,
Lushnje, Albania, Albania View Clinic  
8:00 AM to 15:00 PM

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University of Tirana/ Faculty of Medicine 

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March 11th-15th 2002, "Health Planning", organised by University of Geneva in cooperation with Albanian Ministry of Health, financed by ECHO-Humanitarian Aid Office and CESVI(World Aid from Italy), Albania.

April 2005, "Integrating Family Planing", organised by USAID and Albanian Ministry of Health, Albania.

2005, "Tuberculosis(TB) Management", organised by Global Fund(To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria), Albania.

November 2006, "Respiratory Tract Infection, Diagnose And Treatment", organised by Albanian Ministry of Health in cooperation with GSK(GlaxoSmithKline), Albania.

February 2008, "Basic HIV And AIDS Training Course for Primary Health Care Providers", organised by Foundation ph(PARTNERSHIPS IN HEALTH) and financed by SWEDISH INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION AGENCY, Tirana, Albania.

May 2008, "ASTHMA, A Worldwide Problem That Should Not Be Discredited", organised by GSK(GlaxoSmithKline) and Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA 2006), Albania.

May 9th-10th 2008, "CONTRACTING, PAYMENT METHODS AND COSTING OF HEALTH CARE SERVICES", organised by Albanian Ministry of Health in cooperation with CONSEIL SANTE and financed by World Bank, Tirana, Albania.

June 2009, "Management and Health Center Funding contracted by Institute of Insurance and Health Care", organised by USAID, Fier, Albania.

2010, "Complete Course Of Arterial Hypertension, Cardiovascular Risk and Cardiac Insufficiency", organised by University of Tirana/Faculty of Medicine and Albanian Organisation of Hypertension, Albania.(2 years course).

2010, "General & Family Physician Role In Tuberculosis(TB) Management", Tirana, Albania.

March 11th-12th 2010, "Knowledge Update For Contraceptive Technology", organised by Albanian Ministry of Health.

September 4th 2010, "Palliative Care Of Cancer, AIDS, etc Terminal Suffering", organised by Czech Republic Development Cooperation, Sue Ryder Care Albania and University Hospital Center “Nënë Tereza”, Tirana, Albania.

October 8th 2010, "Ear Diseases, Otoscpoy And Deafness Training", organised by Partnerships In International Medical Education, Albania.

November 25th 2010, "Medical Toxicology", organised by QKEV, Albania.

November 26th 2010, "Sustainability Of Medicament And Guidance Respecting Of WHO(World Health Organisation)", organised by QKEV, Albania.

2011, "General & Family Physician Training For Primary Health Care", organised by NAPH(National Association Of Public Health), Albania.

2012, "Professional Capacity Development Of General & Family Physician For Pediatrics Pathology", organised by NAPH(National Association Of Public Health), Albania.

Member of Order of Physicians of Albania, registration no.30, since March 20th 1994. 
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