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Sexual Myths and Facts

Sex is a normal part of healthy adult life, but it is seldom discussed openly. Scientifically valid sources of information on sex are far and few. No wonder there are a multitude of sexual myths and misconceptions floating around. We are listing some common sexual myths and facts.

Myth #1: Simultaneous orgasm is a must for a good sex life.



Fact: Most couples do not achieve simultaneous orgasm. If you are otherwise happy with your sex life there is no cause for concern.

Myth #2: Females also ejaculate when they have an orgasm.

Fact: Not true. Female orgasm does not lead to ejaculation.

Myth #3: The stock of semen in the body is limited. If you waste it by masturbating, you will soon run out of it

Fact: No, this is not true because semen is not stocked but produced in the body throughout a man’s life. It will continue be produced as long as the reproductive organs are healthy.

Myth #4: Men need or want sex more often than women.

Fact: Not true. Sexual drive varies from person to person in both men and women.

Myth #5: Only homosexuals have anal sex.

Fact: Some heterosexual couples also have anal sex.

Myth #6: Oral sex is a perversion.

Fact: No it is not a perversion. Oral sex is a matter of choice. If your partner is willing there is no harm in having oral sex.

Myth #7: Vasectomy makes a man impotent.

Fact: Vasectomy makes a man sterile, which means his semen does not contain sperms any more, but this does not mean that he is impotent. He can achieve an erection and have sex as he did earlier. Vasectomy may actually improve his sex life because there is no fear of unwanted pregnancy.

Myth #8: A man should be able to achieve an erection whenever he wants to.

Fact: Erection is a response to sexual arousal. One may not be able to attain it at will because of several reasons. Unless the inability to attain an erection prevents a man from having intercourse on multiple occasions it cannot be considered a disorder.

Myth #9: Losing one drop of semen is equal to losing about 40 drops of blood.

Fact:  Whoever told you this one was probably pulling your leg.  Semen is not made of blood.  Losing semen is in no way related to losing blood.

Myth #10: Having sex with a virgin will cure a man of his venereal disease.

Fact:  This is a dangerous misconception. If a man with a venereal disease has sex with a virgin, he will only end up passing it on to her. Effective medicines are available for the treatment of venereal diseases. There is no need to try such baseless and harmful methods.

Myth #11: Masturbation leads to psychological problems.

Fact:  Masturbation does not cause any physical or psychological problems. Anxiety and fear caused by myths about masturbation can cause psychological problems.

Myth #12: Nocturnal orgasms (wet dreams) occur only in men.

Fact:  Women may also experience nocturnal orgasms.

Myth #13: Wet dreams are a type of sexual disorder.

Fact:  It is normal to have wet dreams. They do not indicate a sexual disorder.

Myth #14: There is no need to use a birth-control measure during first intercourse.

Fact: One sexual encounter is enough for pregnancy to occur. If you do not wish to conceive, it is extremely important that you use a contraceptive, even for your first intercourse.

Myth #15: A man is not a man if he cannot have an erection.

Fact:  Erection is a just one of the many aspects of a man’s sexuality. A man with erectile dysfunction can be absolutely manly in all other ways.

Myth #16: A woman is not a woman if she cannot have a child.

Fact:  Pregnancy and childbirth are just one of the many aspects of womanhood. Women without children are just as feminine as those without them.

Myth #17: It is abnormal or immoral to feel sexually attracted towards more than one person at a time.

Fact:  It is common to feel sexually attracted towards more than one person at a time, particularly if you are a young, single adult. For those in a committed relationship, restraint is advisable to avoid relationship problems and risk of sexually transmitted diseases.  

Myth #18: Too much masturbation makes the penis shrink in size.

Fact:  Not true. No amount of masturbation will make the penis shrink. An adult male’s penis will remain the same size throughout his life. 

Myth #19: Some special foods and exercise can increase the size of the penis.

Fact: No food or exercise can impact penis size. Nutritious food and exercise will improve your overall health, which can improve your sex life. 

Myth #20: Menopause is the end of a woman’s sex life.

Fact: Women cannot conceive after menopause but can continue to have a normal sex life.

Myth #21: Sex education leads to promiscuity in young adults.

Fact: This is certainly not a scientifically sound opinion. Sex education can help youngsters have safe and responsible sex. Lack of information from correct channels fuels curiosity and makes them experiment with sex in the wrong manner.

If you know of any other sex related myths and facts that you would like us to add to the above list, you can e-mail us at The information shared by you can benefit many people.