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2 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
my lower back is hurting for the past 3 or 4 days, nothing unbearable, but pretty uncomfortable. today i also noticed a purplish line going from my asshole to the top of the buttcrack. is it anything concerning? i m freaking out at the moment, because all the information i could find on the...
2 1 Wed, 27 Dec 2023
Hi, 23 y/o female, having constant, localized low back pain in Right iliac crest region along with mild swelling for 3 days. No history of trauma, fall any heavy exercise or activity. Pain started suddenly when i was lying on bed 3 days back. What should I do?
2 1 Thu, 21 Dec 2023
Hi I have Pain is worse at rest, with deep inhale of breath, pain is also worse at night. When pain is worse it s always a sharp stabbing pain in the same region, especially when I m resting or laying down the pain is worse. The muscles surrounding the area I believe are inflamed because of the...
2 1 Thu, 30 Nov 2023
Hi, 23 y/o female, having constant, localized low back pain in Right iliac crest region along with mild swelling for 3 days. No history of trauma, fall any heavy exercise or activity. Pain started suddenly when i was lying on bed 3 days back. What should I do?
2 1 Thu, 2 Nov 2023
Hi, I am facing back pain and weakness for the past few days. Some months back I faced food poisoning also and that led me to the hospital. And for back pain some months ago I was facing horrible back pain due to which I am unable to walk also for some days. I want to know what should I do now. I...
2 1 Thu, 26 Oct 2023
Hi I m hving severe lower back pain from Feb. Doctors said I m hving slipped diskL5 L4 L3 . Surgery is not possible due to I am over weight . Given injection to the spine with Gel inserting. But I can t stand and do by daily routine . Dr said no climbing stairs, but I do once a day 2 times coz my...
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
I have been suffering from increasingly frequent and severe middle left back pain, worse when lying down. Epigastric discomfort, particularly after eating, nausea, and unpredictable bowels. I’m also completely exhausted. Restless legs at nights. Should I be concerned?
2 1 Sat, 2 Sep 2023
my back hurts so much but its only in a little part on the upper left part of my back closer to the centre. it hurts more or less dependjng on my posture. ive tried massaging and calming creams and the pain hasnt stopped since yesterday night, its 5:39 am, what do i do please?? im scared
3 2 Mon, 27 Feb 2023
I have severe lower back pain that flares up if I am constipated, releave my bowels, stand for more than 10 mimutes, walk for more than 20 minutes I have always had constipation and take calcium magnesium daily for that. I ve been bleeding.. after relieving my bowels my lower back feels inflamed....
2 1 Sat, 31 Dec 2022
I have a burning pain and tenderness in the middle of my low back that goes to the right side that started yesterday. It s extremely tender to the touch. It feels like it is in the soft tissues. Today it has extended to intermittent burning pain in my right hip and right groin area. I do not...
2 1 Sat, 31 Dec 2022
I had a cortisone injection to day between 5-6 vertebra to release information for back pain under shoulder blade and post Shingles in left hand leaving me with post pain, swelling numbness. Is it alright to take a 2.5mg Xanax to help me sleep? for got to ask the doctor after injection.
2 1 Tue, 20 Dec 2022
Hello, I have been having upper back pain to the immediate left of my spine behind lungs for about 4 weeks now. My doctor ordered an xray which showed Thoracolumbar levoscoliosis. I am now going to get an MRI. But my question is my back hurts worse minutes after I eat or drink anything. Are these...
2 1 Tue, 20 Dec 2022
Hello doctor, my age is 50 now last 10 years I am suffering from lumber and cervical spondylosis .My D3 and B12 is absolutely upto the mark recently frequently I am facing problemof neck pain now it is worst than before.. Doctor I do my all activities but cant bend my neck forward nor beckward....
3 2 Tue, 20 Dec 2022
Hi...I am an active 76 year old (as opposed to sedentary) and recently I have a pain down the left side of my back. It is mostly evident when I lie in bed at night. It seems to be muscular but as such I thought it would have gone away by now. It s been about 2 weeks. Any suggestions?
2 1 Tue, 20 Dec 2022
I have been experiencing soreness in my lower and middle back for several weeks. I have been getting PT for what I thought was a muscle issue but the treatments do not seem to be helping. Now I am getting twitching or what might be muscle spasms in my legs/calves that I notice particularly at...
2 1 Tue, 20 Dec 2022
Having severe pain in lower back on right side, I have a herniated disk at L2-L3 that i am currently getting injections for ( next one scheduled in 2 weeks) , and a fusion with instrumentation at L3-L4. Whats the best treatment to last me till then or am I having another issue altogether.
2 1 Mon, 19 Dec 2022
I felt a sharp painful twinge in my back on Sunday. Since I have had extreme pain when getting up from a sitting position and when walking I feel like I m favoring my lower back. if I bend in either direction to pick up something without facing the item I feel like my legs are going to buckle. If...
2 1 Thu, 1 Dec 2022
Hi. I just finally begun to feel better after a nasty spell of food poising in Zanzibar. I am backing the US and my back is in pain especially the lower right side and especially when I lay dow or cough. My coughing is from my allergies as the seasons change. But each cough (about one an hour) is...
2 1 Sat, 19 Nov 2022
hello I have lower back pain and it feels as if my lower waist was about to twist I have to move slowly side to side and it goes away for a while im 44 years old I did not get my period this last two months and I gained 12 pounds in less then a month my lower abdomen on my right side hurts and my...
2 1 Sat, 1 Oct 2022
I have been having severe pain in my lower back, particularly on the left side. It feels like severe muscle spasms that go across my lower back and down my legs. This has been going on for nearly six weeks. Sometimes the spasms are so severe they almost cause my legs to collapse. I am 67 and...