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2 1 Mon, 3 Jun 2024
My daughter has Adhd moderate autism and anxiety. She takes vyvanse and prozac and .50 of respiradal. When she was in the hospital they put her on 2 mg and that made her zombie and drool pace and stutter. I asked them to cut it in half .50 when she got home a week later. She stutters still and...
2 1 Fri, 1 Mar 2024
Hi doctor, my baby is 8 months old . Suffering from loose motion and vomiting. Yesterday he did 4 times loose motion and coming 3 times . Doctor suggested me econorm but in my place doralac is available . Is doralac is safe to use? Or do I coulnsult doctor again . Please suggest
2 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
Hi doctor my son is suffering with fever since day before yesterday night and the fever is recurring in every 5 hours it is reaching till 102-103 degree Farenheit, can i give him azithral 200 , 3 ml dosage. My toddler is 23 months old and weighs 12 kgs
2 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
Hii My child is suffering from high fever since 4 days. I was giving crocin whch didnt work so hd to give meftal p and then next day gave ibugesic The temprature stays up to 102. With medication he becomes fine. But after an hour or two again gets fever. Have observed him snoring also during this...
2 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
My daughter is 2.5 years old, yesterday she told me.that she has stomach ache amd fever ,so I have given her pcm noble plus then she slept again in the she had a stomach ache.I don t know what to do I have given few drops of pudin Hara mixed with water then she passes the tools and ok then again...
2 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
Hi my 1 and half year old baby accidentally swallowed one karvol plus capsule. Is it dangerous?.i immediately admitted him in hospital. They inserted tube on his nose to remove the medicine and now he is under observation for 8 hours. They said if medicine is released from the capsule it will...
2 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
Hi, my newborn infant has been diagnosed with G6PD deficiency. He is combo fed ( breast milk and formula). His formula contains 3.5% soybean oil and soy lecithin. Is it safe to use? Also, as a lactating mother, do I have to avoid all food and medicines that my g6pd baby is supposed to avoid?
3 2 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
Hello doctor,at what stage of cold / cough should mucolite be given? My 18 month old baby did not have a runny nose or much phlegm when I started mucolite. But after 4 dosrs of 2 ml each morning and night ,she is coughing and has very runny nose. I am confused if and when I can use mucolite...
2 1 Wed, 3 Jan 2024
Hi. When i went to get my sons milk, my 16 month old put the clotrimazole 1% cream tube in his mouth, pierced it and I looked and he was smacking his mouth. I washed his mouth with water. Should I take him to the ER? So you think it was enough yo hurt him? Thank you!
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
my daughter s eye got scratched....for that she is suffering from corneal abrasion....pls suggest what to do
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
Hi my 4yr old son, weight 15 kgs is having fever and vomitting for 2days. Vomitting 2 to 3 episodes yesterday and today one episode. Diarrhoea 2 episodes yesterday. Have given domperidone for vomitting. What is the dose of powergyl suspension. Kindly reply. Thanking you before.
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
Hi my little daughter is only 5 years old... She is very much device addicted. I noticed that her one cornea shift to right I appointed a doctor yesterday and after checked her eyes I was shocked her both eyes had shown power and it was -3..... I am feeling very upset. What can I do please...
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
Hiiii, my 1.5 year old son was sitting on a chair nd having breakfast with his mother, nd suddenly a monkey jump over the table nd ran away, later I discovered a slight mark on his left arm, I m not sure whether it s a monkey nail scratch or something from bushes as kids were playing in park...
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
My question is my 12 year old stepdaughter stared her cycle about a little less than a year ago she has severe cramping and it’s bleeding through Pad sometimes the size one and two to her clothes and I don’t know when is a cause for concern because I read that first two years can be up and down,...
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
Hello, My 4 year old daughter was down with high fever and headache since 30th April evening. On 1st May we sought advice from a doctor and started giving Zifi and Meftal P to her as prescribed. Her headache is completely gone and intensity of fever has reduced. But fever is subsiding only with...
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
My 10 yr old son has been complaining of right thigh pain when going to sit on toilet. Today he cried from pain and I massaged thinking it was a cramp. He is able to squat and bend without pain. He is high functioning autistic child. He says the toilet is causing pain.
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
Hi Doctor, my Daughter is 11months and she has eczema since she was one month old, she has been going to a dermatologist but nothing seems to work, I ve tried aqueous cream, epimax. For Her genitals I used and use zinc and castor oil and Bepanthen for Her genitals because Her skin is peeling off...
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
my son left hand little finger got fractured and operation get done in Palanpur. But his finger retained in bend position and could not move to straight position. He has taken treatment of physiotherapy but no progress. Please advise for treatment, how his finger can get work with his original form
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
My daughter is 1 year 4 months old and she is diagnosed with bilateral medullary and nephrocalcinosis after 1 month of her birth, currently she is taking medications suggested by nephrologist (soda mint and KCL), Kindly advise is there any best treatment for this disease?
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
Is it good to mix spoonful of cerelac or other nutritious powder with milk and feed baby after he/she is 3 months old ? Somebody said that growing baby seek more of feedings and this help baby stay full for longer time. I am working mother so wont be able to provide my milk within interval of 2 hrs
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