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2 1 Thu, 7 Nov 2019
Hello! About a week ago, i ve noticed a little round rash I guess you could call it, on my calf. At first I thought it was ringworm, but then it continued to grow and stopped itching. Now I have another one on my thigh, doesn t itch but its growing in size. I do have a history of crohns disease,...
13 1 Mon, 3 Jun 2019
I am 35 year old male. Height is 5.8 and weight is 66kg. I was diagnosed for Crohn’s in 2000. I had a ileal perforation in 2003 for which I was operated. From past 3 months,I am having heaviness in eyes, slight dizziness(not rotational) as if I am drunk. I also feel exhaustion, fatigue throughout...
27 1 Mon, 1 Apr 2019
Hi. I have Crohn s disease and I have been experiencing severe abdominal, lower back and neck pain for about a week now. I also have trouble with grabbing things with my hands and my shoulders are very stiff and painful. There has been a major change in my stool, instead of the usual diarrhea, I...
45 1 Mon, 24 Dec 2018
Hi, I have ulcerative colitis I got it when I was 13. I am 52 now. I ve had my large intestine removed. I think I have Crohns. I can feel My small Intestine I gets hard. I press on it. My stool looks like small worms. If I do what will my life be like? Thanks, Janice
237 1 Tue, 18 Dec 2018
Hello, I m 50 years old. I have Crohn s disease since 1984. I keep it at bay since 1995 by being vegetarian and eating lactose free. (Parmesan cheese older than 30 months is advertised as being lactose free). Recently I have diagnosed myself as having Duhring s disease or Dermatitis...
6 1 Mon, 1 Oct 2018
my son 19 years old, was admitted with abdominal pain and diarrhea for almost 2 months. diagnosed with crohn s disease. He was given Rantag 150 every 12 hrs, Gupison 20 once a day and Anazol 500 every 8hrs. After 2 days, he was vomiting with sever pain in his bones and bottom of the feet. I need...
5 1 Mon, 1 Oct 2018
good morning, I am 54 and have crohns disease, just 2 days ago my brother who is 39 has also been diagnosed with crohns disease, my other brother who is 51, had a operation on his liver to remove/drain away an abcess, he was in hospital for a week and told to stay off work for 3 months, is this a...
2 1 Tue, 11 Sep 2018
I am 18 yrs old boy.i have not passed stooll and sufferiing pain in lower abddomen which is conatant and stabbing. nature with. remmission on. taking tramadol inj.Antibbiiotics and PPI and llaxative have failed.Colonscopy was done which suggested terminall ileumm ulccer.Biopsy suggested milld...
2 1 Wed, 20 Jun 2018
. Quick history first I have had a laparoscopic fundoplication for acid reflux I have had a full hysterectomy I ve had a diagnosis of endometriosis I am 33 this year since I had the Essure done and removed all this is happened my gallbladder is gone too I had that removed for the past few years I...
2 1 Mon, 18 Jun 2018
I am 69 year old female. I had an mre with contrast to look at my small bowels (crohns disease). My dr report included on some sequences the marrow signal of the right sacrum and adjacent iliac bone appears heterogeneous and heterogeneous marrow signal about the right sacroiliac joint . He...
47 1 Mon, 18 Jun 2018
I have chronic crhons diease with short gut I have chronic pain aim enroll with a palliative care program they feel because my crhons is not active I need not to be on opiate pain relievers for home I have had 6 surgerys i have inflamation painful diarrhea dehydration all these are chronic among...
6 1 Mon, 18 Jun 2018
my husband has dysphasia and has stopped taking his prilosec. tonite he cannot swallow any liquids-they keep coming back up. Is there anything you would recommend to relax the esophagus. He has chron s diseas as well and has not been taking his asecol. any help you could give would be appreciated.
25 1 Mon, 18 Jun 2018
Hi .My brother is a Lawyer and I fear is losing the battle to alcohol. I am going tomorrow to see him to try and share the truth as it is now affecting his Life and work. How do I try to reveal to him he is in desperate need of help?? He is also on chemo for recent diagnosis of Chrones disease...
2 1 Thu, 14 Jun 2018
i was diagnosed with crohns disease in 1996.. i have had 2 bowel resections the last one in 2005... i have been in remission since then, but now i am getting sores lesions and marks on my forearms an my legs.... and i have read some articles on the internet that they are probably being caused...
71 1 Wed, 13 Jun 2018
Dear Dr.i had chron s disease from long back without being identified and when the disease symptom worsen. i under went surgery in 2005 and till 2013 i had no major problem i managed by life with mesacol, budez cr, livogen and folic acid. now i feeling the symptoms are occurring frequently and...
2 1 Wed, 13 Jun 2018
Hi could you please tell me with chrones can you loose fingers and toes because of this disese or is it just related to the intestine we havent been told this by our Dr but a friend mentioned and has concerned so could you plz reasure that this is not the case thankyou
2 1 Wed, 13 Jun 2018
Crohn s patient. Got sick (flu?- but had shot) ~5 weeks ago. At same time was being weaned off Budesconide (down to 1 3 mg pill from 3). Blood, diarrhea. Spoke with dr. And went back to 2 Budesconide. Blood and diarrhea contained. Put back to 3. Symptoms continued. Hips ache, especially at night....
8 1 Tue, 12 Jun 2018
I have being procribed pentast 1g by my doctor is it for crohns? Bleeding from rectom eitchey ears and as many as ten or twelve big mouth ulsters and lack of enegary are my symtons, can you tell me what t is i have i am 52 and healty and fit have stoped smoking almost two yearsthank you anne
28 1 Fri, 8 Jun 2018
I could of answered better but I didn t really have my thinking cap on. I have had crohns since i was 15 now i am 55. it have taken some of my organs and flare ups are hard to control. I just got a medical retirement after thirty years of work in the same place. now i think to myself what is...
7 1 Fri, 1 Jun 2018
First off I have Crohns disease which at this time is active. But my concern also is several symptoms I don t understand. First, the bottom of my feet burn like fire, I have what feels like electric shocks shooting in my face, tired, weak, legs feel like tree trunks, I get off balance and light...
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