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2 1 Mon, 4 Mar 2024
I got hit in the head a lot a couple days ago due to assault I’ve been feeling really bad nausea and pain in my head that comes and goes away it feel like a pinch I am worried I went to the we the day of the incident they did a crazy scan and said everything was fine there was no skull fractures...
4 1 Thu, 1 Jun 2023
I was in a car wreck last Tuesday and my lower body was thrown up and into my steering weel pretty hard, it was such a hard impact it totaled my car. I had a very bad and large bruise right above my privates and one on each side of my top upper thigh to the sides of my privates. I have started...
2 1 Fri, 30 Sep 2022
My wife is searching for words to complete a sentence,she had a brain bleeding from a car accident in January,once and awhile she hasn t been able to find the correct word but today it has been bad,no weakness, she is alert,no numbness,no headache, even smile,knows day,year, address
2 1 Fri, 23 Sep 2022
I was in a major roll over vehicle accident where I was ejected, and suffered a major concussion. I am still not feeling normal, I still feel dizzy most of the time, I cannot concentrate, my gate is very unsteady and I have little clarity, how long does a concussion last, is this even a...
9 2 Thu, 28 Jul 2022
I am experiencing urine leakage when I am using a tampon. I have notices it for the past couple of months. It is usually worse at the beginning of my period. I am 33 and have never had children, but am actively trying to conceive. Is this something that I should be concerned about?
2 1 Sat, 23 Jul 2022
I m a 31-year-old female. I and my husband are planning to have a second baby. We tried last month but I got my period on the right time(mine is a 30-day cycle) but this time with heavy bleeding and passing of large tissue ( just like I had a miscarriage) and it lasted only for 3 days(I usually...
2 1 Mon, 18 Jul 2022
hello, this morning my husband was in a auto accident that he was able to walk away from. He is having some issues i am concerned with and have asked him to seek medical help but he will not. He is chilling. What would chills and minor muscle spasms b from.
2 1 Thu, 8 Aug 2019
I was a front seat passenger in a car crash 12 days ago. The ER did a chest CT scan with imaging and found a wedge fracture of T7 but no other fractures. I had a lot of seat belt bruising and a stiff left flank that became very sore and bruised after a day or so. At the bottom of my rib cage...
2 1 Thu, 2 May 2019
My boyfriend fell and cracked his head open a few nights ago and he went to the hospital. They did an MRI and x-rays and said everything looked all right. The kept him for two days and released him today. Since he s been home, though, he has been coughing up blood. Is this normal?
2 1 Mon, 28 Jan 2019
my 26 year old neice was hit by a car on her bike 9 days ago. spent 3 days in the hospital for a cervical in jury. mri, ct, eeg xray all negative. yet she is stuttering, slurred speech and twitching of arms and legs . jaw is crooked trouble chewing and unable to smile lip wont allow. stroke...
2 1 Mon, 31 Dec 2018
My son was hit in the rear in a car accident over a year and half. He is still suffering from pressure in the head, frontal lobe, sometimes dizziness and lightheaded, also has a feeling of foggy and dullness. He has been treated by physiotherapist but that has not helped. This is very difficult...
2 1 Fri, 14 Dec 2018
I was in a car crash over a week ago. I went to the er and they told me I had whiplash and that I should rest. They prescribed flexeril and naproxen. The only thing that helped was the flexeril. Now I’m out of it and my back and neck hurt pretty much all of the time.
2 1 Tue, 16 Oct 2018
my 17 year old daughter fell and hit her head, behind her left ear, on a metal chair. she has been dizzy and having on and off headaches. it s been 2 days. swelling went down, has regular appetite and not sick to her stomach. The dizziness is very concerning. she has been away working 3+ hours...
3 1 Mon, 10 Sep 2018
Was in a car accident Thursday, got checked at hospital because air bag hit my chest and I have very bad bruising and pain. EKG and chest xrays normal. I have an abrasion on my right ankle and I told them not to worry about that because it didn t hurt at the time. However, that night it began...
2 1 Wed, 29 Aug 2018
yes i was in a rear end wreck on april 2 of this yr. just had a mri and told i have arthitis in my neck. i never knew i had it never had pain in my neck before the pain is so bad a times i get a headace from the pain. could the wreck cause all this pain.
2 1 Wed, 25 Jul 2018
Greetings, I was in a car accident three days ago and am due to travel by plane for a few hours tomorrow. I m wondering if it s advisable to do so. No major injuries, but some soft tissue bruising and soreness in neck back, shoulder and ribs. Thanks.
2 1 Mon, 23 Jul 2018
I had a very serious car crash. side impact! my chest had been hurting but then the pressure became a sqeezing pain. . i still after 1 month i could not wear my 38DD bras, they were way to tight still. I decided to measure my chest and was now a 42DD! What is going on?!!! My asthma is going Haywire!
2 1 Thu, 12 Jul 2018
My friend had a car accident about a month ago where the airbag was deployed. Now she has dizzy spells, nose bleeds, pressure in her head, loss of speech, loss of movement. These episodes last anywhere from 15 mins to 45 mins. We went to er cat scan negative. Any ideas?
2 1 Tue, 10 Jul 2018
I had a severe auto collision about 1 month ago. My car was totaled after I hit a parked car on the highway at about 45 miles per hour. I do have whiplash - which is improving through physical therapy - massage and exercise. However, I a very sore right foot - and right calf - with pain going...
3 2 Fri, 29 Jun 2018
I was with my boyfriend riding a side-by-side yesterday, our steering locked up, he slammed on the breaks & my head hit the roll bar at full force, I blacked out for a minute felt dizzy but after about 10 minutes I felt fine. Now, I have a dent in my head, and hurts to the touch.
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