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2 1 Tue, 2 Apr 2024
I am 86 and am a care giver for my husband who has parkinsons. While taking a shower, I just noticed a sharp pin like feeling from the nipple on my breast. No pain or indication it was there until now. Any ideas what it could be? Would appreciate any help. Thank you.
2 1 Wed, 20 Dec 2023
Hi doctors My daughter is 2years old n she had stomach pain and her legs n hands were filled with red rashes and there was swelling near ankles. Doctor said its infection and suggested defcort syrup (4ml twice a day )which is steroid ... is it safe to use for 2 year old ? If yes, how many days...
7 1 Thu, 3 Aug 2023
hello, i am 24 year old female. I am constantly tired, have cramps in my lower part of my tummy, headaches, very bad heartburn. I was due on yesterday I haven t came yet, I done a pregnancy test and it was negative. I would like to have some advice before I have to go to the doctors. Thank-you...
8 1 Sat, 1 Jul 2023
I am undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and taking injuctions of neupogen. I got bit by a wasp about 1 hour ago. I cannot find a stinger and not sure if it is inside my skin. The area is a little painful. I disinfected it with alchohol. I checked fever and so far 98.9. Is there anything...
2 1 Thu, 29 Jun 2023
I am packing a cyst removal wound on my fathers back for over a week. I was using iodoform but biofilm developed and the surgeon told me to change to Gauze packing soaked in Hydrogen P. My dad finds the gauze uncomfortable. can i soak the iodoform in HP and use it?
2 1 Thu, 29 Jun 2023
I ve been having problems with sleep for years. I ve tried different herbs, teas, yoga breathing, reiki, the list goes on. I just brought kratom and it seems to be working. Is it safe? I have never heard of this herb and I have been a natural herb and natural foodie for years
2 1 Thu, 29 Jun 2023
Hello, a have a small cut on my leg, and it was bleeding down my leg a little. I went to wipe away the blood with a tissue and while I was doing that, the blood slowly peeled off going up my leg, like it was a string of blood. It s stopped bleeding, but I m very worried about the string-like...
2 1 Thu, 29 Jun 2023
Taradol/keterolac dosage per intramuscular route. Am I suppose to be given this med when I am in unexplained pain that is not being relieved without any test done to see the cause of my pain? I know this is an NSAIDS that is contraindicated in it with renal or gi problems
2 1 Thu, 29 Jun 2023
Ok so I gave my boyfriend a handjob and he came on my hand I didn’t Wanda my hand either then I got in the car and about 40 minutes later I got home and fingered myself I realized what I had done and vigorously washed myself inside and out is there a way I could be pregnant?
5 1 Thu, 1 Jun 2023
I ve got a soft yellowish spot on each eyelid above my eyes. Ppl say it s cholesterol deposits and I need to get my levels checked out by a Dr. I just want these spots gone. What is your opinion on what to do to accomplish this and is this as serious as some say it is? I am a 38yr. old female and...
5 2 Thu, 1 Jun 2023
Thank you, I have been having intense constant pain on the bottom of my feet. The upper pad of my heel. For the past three years I have been standing non stop at the job I worked and just this year have developed this pain. I now hurt even when I am sitting which is dull and then when I stand...
4 1 Thu, 1 Jun 2023
I am 82 male extreme itchy all over chest sides of chest arms and now starting on legs. Have had heart attack 2004 now seem okay but have defib. ran 25 maraos overseas 1989 now muscles falling away body lousy but legs still strong & good eyes. What is the itchy? Prickly heat powder makes it worse...
4 1 Thu, 1 Jun 2023
My daughter just hit her head very hard against her headboard. She s coherent, talking fine, no loss of consciousness, but she said that she saw flashes of light when she hit her head. Should I take her to the doctor? It s 10:30 here so it would have to be the emergency room.
4 2 Wed, 1 Mar 2023
I swallowed saliva and went it down the wrong way. I started coughing, but had a very hard time catching my breath. I started gasping for air, this went on for a few minutes. Finally the episode was over, but I still have a sore chest. It scared me so bad and now I don t know if it was just a...
3 1 Fri, 5 Mar 2021
they think my husband has myastina graves we have been getting the run around his one eye is closed has been for a month now as of last night his other eye is closing and no strength in his arm getting run around waiting to see a doctor in weeks what can I do
3 1 Mon, 1 Mar 2021
I am trying to find out about blood and mucus in my stools after taking Levaquin (levofloxacin)750mg, because I felt that my mouth was swelling with the first dose, and certain with the second, so I didn t take it again. I am now on ceftin (cefuroxime axetil) 500mg, and still have BM s that are...
5 1 Thu, 22 Oct 2020
hi, I am very concerned about some health issues I have been having a lot lately. I am 35 years old and weigh 130 lbs. I have been bitten by 5 ticks and a few have had white dots on their backs, ones head stayed in when I pulled it off and has been itching and sore. I am not sure if this is my...
2 1 Wed, 23 Sep 2020
I am looking for a specialist, I live in Northwest Alabama and I have been diagnosed with severe chronic idiopathic neutropenia, leukopenia, hypothyroidism, and high blood sugar/insulin resistance,. I feel fatigued, have little energy, brain fog, constipation, hip pain, weight gain and frequent...
2 1 Wed, 23 Sep 2020
I m 35 and have suspected EDS (see geneticist in April) but have almost all the typical symptoms of hEDS hyper mobile, thin, translucent skin, easy bruising, severe osteoarthritis, bilateral club foot, chronic pain, severe spider veins in my thighs... today I was diagnosed via biopsy to have...
4 1 Sat, 19 Sep 2020
I have a complicated patient who has multiple medical problems. She is a 39-year-old female with neurocardiogenic syncope (Abnormal tilt table study), sarcoidosis, including the myocardium by cardiac MRI, symptomatic PVCs that were improved with Prednisone, mitral valve prolapse with mild MR and...