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10 1 Mon, 3 Jun 2024
Hi, I ve been having a brown discharge with a smell I been haven t it for 3weeks now and I also had it a week before my last cycle my last cycle was September 16-19 plus I ve been feeling weak and nauseous plus I be hurting where my uterus at I took a pregnancy test it was negative what can be...
22 1 Mon, 3 Jun 2024
I woke up this morning to a swollen irritated and red clitoris and hood. I have been with one man for 10 years. We haven t had sex for about 2-3 days. No pain when I urinate only when i wipe. Showers do not help. Medication I m currently on are Wellbutrin and Prozac. I was also taking Augmentin...
2 1 Fri, 3 May 2024
i am a 47 yr old female who had a complete hysterectomy due 5 fibroid tumors. also i am a high risk cancer candidate. my mother had 12 siblings. my mother 91yrs old & is a cancer survivor of breast cancer and had her breast removed 37yrs ago. AND I MYSELF HAVE HAD 2 BENIGN LUMPS REMOVED. My...
14 1 Fri, 3 May 2024
I have been dx with severe vaginal atrophy since 2011. I have severe daily pain and burning. Nothing seems to be helping. my gyn gave me Estrace cream. the first time I used it I woke from sleep with severe pelvic pain and vaginal burning, now it only helps a little. I also have had chronic...
12 1 Fri, 3 May 2024
I sometimes have a heavy feeling in my anus and I think there may be a bulge in the rectal vaginal wall. I am also concerned there may be a slight protrusion from the rectal wall in the opening of my vagina. Does this sound like a pelvic organ prolapse?
11 1 Fri, 3 May 2024
I am 4 days post total vaginal hysterectomy. I was sent home half way through day two post surgery. My labia majora and clitoris are aching and my stomach skin is burning on the sides. Is this a normal healing response to appear after four days? Side note - I am not overweight, I have been...
12 1 Fri, 3 May 2024
Hi I have found some sores on my vagina on the outside and one what seem puss filled on my Labia minora. It is very very painful and even hurts to wear underwear. I know it isn t an STI because my partner and I are faithful. Nor does he have an signs or sores that I know of. What else could this be?
9 1 Tue, 2 Apr 2024
hi my partner has been diagnosed with a 6cm intramural/sub mucosal fibroid and a cyst on a ovary and an enlarged uterus, she also had an iron deficiency and was taking ferrous sulphate, although she stopped these about 7 to 10 days ago. the diagnosis was done via ultrasound. something that is...
10 1 Mon, 4 Mar 2024
I have BV a lot. Just got over one last week I m on day 13 in my cycle. I have a white with a small tint of yellow curdy like vaginal discharge with no foul smell, burning or itching. some pressure in my lower portion of belly. I m sick with a virus as well which as made me feel like i m going to...
9 1 Mon, 4 Mar 2024
I went to the gym last night and I went onto the leg curl machine. I exercised each rep putting more weight. I suddenly felt a popping sensation on my left side of my lower abdomen and now I m having pain through today which could possibly be my left ovaries.what can this pain be?
8 1 Fri, 1 Mar 2024
Hi I gave birth 5 month ago and every now and again my vagina doesn t feel right like there is something hanging out. I think it is occurs after I have walked. I don t know if it is conected but I aalso have a very week blade and I have wet my self near enough every day in the past few weeks.
10 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
I am 53 years old. At age 49 to age 51 I had not period and then it came back full force only to find out that I have fibroids. My gynecologist put me on the pills so I was only having a period for 3 months and then I insisted that she take me off last March 2014. To date I have not have any...
11 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
Hello, I have a problem with the cycle menstrual.jam 31 years old., my child have done so in vitro.8 months after birth had first cycle. I have irregular cycles, not every month but about 47-54 days. cycle the last two months has been that very few amount, almost exclusively stained, and after 21...
18 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
I have had bowel problems for years, mostly diarrhea and now I have uterine prolapse, cystocele and rectocele. Doc says surgery is needed to support vaginal walls. With so much in news about mesh claims I m worried about using that to hold my vaginal walls and rectal walls up. What if anything,...
20 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
Hi I had a total hysterectomy nearly 5years ago I m only 36 I have now been diagnosed with rectocele. I m severely bloated and have pain at the top if my stomach. I also had a stage 2low grade adenoma in my colon 4 years ago. Feel really low I an waiting for hospital appt 8 week bbc wait . Is...
2 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
Hi Doctors! Just want to ask about a Cervicovaginal Exfoliative Cytology Report of my 62-year old mother. It says here that a specimen processed and examined but unsatisfactory for evaluation of ephitelial cell abnormality because of INFLAMMATION under the Specimen Adequacy. And based on the...
7 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
I have a very painful deep lump on the right lip of my vagina, it has made it very swollen. I get zips every once and a while on my vagina but none that have hurt like this. there is no itching or burning its just painful. What do you think this is? Web MD has freaked me out.
7 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
i need an answer from a gynecologist ... I have had herpes since 1988. Can a herpes sore bleed? I have had cervical cancer .. treatment was finished June 2008. Last check up was Dec. 2014. However, I noticed today after showering I had some blood on towel. Discovered a small sore about dime in...
6 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
My left labia is very swollen since yesterday. I won t be able to get to a Dr until possibly Saturday. I am really concerned it is an infection. Can my symptoms worsen if so, what will they be. Also any over the counter treatment until I can have the Dr check me? Is it really unsafe to wait until...
2 1 Mon, 5 Feb 2024
I have experienced vaginal bleeding after taking MDMA for about a year now. The bleeding usually starts a few hours after ingestion and will continue for between 2-5 days. It happens regardless of the size of the dosage and of the frequency of use. Do you think this could cause long-term damage...
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