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Fourteenth Month

  • If you are still wondering how so much time has passed so quickly, join the club. Most parents are so busy with their children that they just look at the calendar and wonder where the time has gone. Even though time has really flown by, you will be in no doubt that you have spent some of the happiest and most memorable 14 months of your life You will be eagerly looking forward to the next few years of life to watch your little wonder jump, play and keep everyone busy with his/her tantrums, and we will be there with you at every step.

    By now your little darling might be walking around with a proud look on his/her face and will demand appreciation from you. Don't be too worried if he/she hasn't started walking yet; many children begin to walk only by their eighteenth month. Your baby might even be drinking from a cup and using his/her spoon to feed him/herself and anyone else who wants a bite. If you want any more information you can check out our developmental milestone link or chat with our doctor.

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