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Sixteenth Month

  • At this age your toddler will be a little bundle of energy. You will not only be discovering the joys of parenting but also its new challenges each day. You will notice that your baby has grown up quite a bit and understands a lot more now. Your baby will accurately point to any part of his/her body when asked and love to spend the whole day playing infant games with you.

    He/she can be a bit stubborn and demanding, and may start crying when things don't go his/her way. Don't lose your cool or try reasoning with him/her, your baby is still too young to understand. Be patient and comfort him/her, this phase will pass even before you realize it.

    Coughs and colds:
    1. Colds are Acute URTI [upper respiratory tract infections] caused by a group of viruses.
    2. They are transmitted by air when an infected person coughs/sneezes or by hand contact.
    3. Signs are cough, running nose, red eyes, discomfort [baby is irritable] and decreased appetite.
    4. They are most often self limiting- that is they are cured with no need for major medications.
    5. Steam inhalation and hot packs can help provide relief.
    6. If your baby has high fever/bad cough/greenish mucus/wheeze/ breathing difficulty / feeding poorly see your pediatrician immediately.

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