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Nineteenth Month

  • As you would have probably realized by now, your toddler is growing up pretty fast. He/she will probably laugh and correct you if you call your dog a cat. Your little ones understanding has improved a lot and you will actually enjoy chatting with him/her. Talk as much as you can and keep encouraging him/her. He/she most probably will use two to three word phrases and by engaging him/her in a conversation you will help develop his/her talking skills.

    Try to slowly inculcate discipline from this month as putting it off can make it more difficult later. You can do this subtly by not giving in every time your child wants something. It is important to avoid a confrontational approach. Instead, try to tell your child that you can do what he/she wants to later and then make him/her do what you want him/her to. This will slowly teach him/her what he/she can do and what he/she cannot.

    Pets around the house:
  • A lot of people are confused when it comes to keeping pets around their kids. It is even more confusing for people who love their pets a lot and have had them for years before they had children. There are a few things to keep in mind when the issue is pets and your child.

    1. Always make sure your pet and child do not share their toys/ food. If your pet's food is lying around your baby is likely to put it in his/her mouth.
    2. Ensure your pet is vaccinated to date and de-wormed regularly. Always double check with your veterinarian.
    3. Always make sure someone supervises your pet and child. Do not leave your child unattended.
    4. If you are planning to get a dog after you have had your child, it is better to wait till your child is a little older.
    5. Ensure your pet's medicines or supplements/food is kept safely out of your child's reach.

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