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Twenty Eight Month

  • At this stage your child probably climbs down stairs by herself. There will still be instances of extreme tantrums when your toddler will yell, cry and push. Be patient and understand that this is just a way a toddler expresses frustration at not being able to comprehend and understand a particular situation. He/she may usually exhibit such behavior when you try to leave him/her alone to go out or drop him/her off at his/her day care.

    There is a fine line between being stern and harsh with your child, so you have to be careful not to be too harsh with your child in such a situation. Always explain the situation clearly to your child in simple words. In most situations explaining the facts to your child allays the child’s fears and insecurities; this reduces the intensity of tantrums straight away and will gradually reduce their frequency. Over time your child will look forward to you telling him/her why a certain thing has to be done in a particular way instead of throwing tantrum in an unfamiliar situation.

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