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Thirty First Month

  • As your child grows, your mind will most probably be filled with numerous questions about what is best for your child. What is the best food? What is the best way to ensure that your child has the best of everything that he/she may need?

    When it comes to food just make sure you offer your toddler a wide variety of foods every day. If he/she has an older sibling at home, make it a point to see that he/she finish everything you put on the plate so that your toddler follows this example.  Your toddler will most probably be brushing his/her teeth him/herself by now, if not you can encourage him/her to do so by buying him/her a colorful cartoon tooth brush. If you make his/her regular day to day activities more fun and interesting it’s more likely to help your toddler participate in them. For example, if you let him/her hand you the veggies that you cut for dinner, he/she is more likely to eat them readily. Always supervise your child carefully if you let him/her in the kitchen.

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