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Thirty Fifth Month

  • As your child gets close to his/her third birthday and you make preparations to send him/her to a preschool [if he/she isn’t at one already], there are a few important things that you need to remember. If your child has not been to a day care centre and is going straight into preschool, it can be a difficult and distressing situation for your child. If you have been spending your time at home with your child it can be even more difficult.

    Start explaining the process of going to preschool to your child a few weeks in advance so that he/she has a fair idea of what to expect.  Tell him/her all about the nice things at preschool and the amazing friends and new things he/she can do.  By making him/her understand that it is a normal part of growing up you can dispel his/her fears about the new place.

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