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Twenty Seventh Month

  • By now your toddler is fine tuning his/her movements. He/she can grasp and play with smaller toys and might like playing throw and fetch with a tennis ball.  He/she most probably will be completely engrossed in his/her doll games and will not appreciate anybody disturbing his/her during play time. This is because his/her concentration levels have got better. He/she will most likely spend a significant amount of time playing the same game, unlike earlier when he/she was easily distracted.

    You need to understand that it will be more difficult to distract his/her form what he/she is doing now. Do not mistake this for a sign of new- found stubbornness on the part of your child. It is all a part of the growing up process. The best way to tackle this is to politely tell his/her that he/she can play for a fixed amount of time before he/she has to get up for food or bath/bed  time as the case may be.

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