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Thirtieth Month

  • As your toddler completes two and a half years, his/her abilities would have improved substantially. By now he/she most probably will jump with two feet and run all around the house. He/she will quickly understand most of what you say and respond appropriately.  He/she will refer to most objects by name; if he/she wants his/her favorite doll for example, he/she will tell you that he/she wants his/her “doll”. 

    If your child is not yet completely potty trained don’t worry too much. Many children don’t show interest in getting potty trained during this age. Don’t get put off by this, try again in a month’s time.  You have to keep reminding yourself that every child is different and attains a certain capability at his/her own pace. If you know a child of a similar age who has been potty trained don’t push your child too hard. Never keep comparing your child to any other child as this can affect your child’s overall confidence.

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