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Post-Delivery Information for Mothers

  • Congratulations on your beautiful new baby! You have just gone through one of life's most fascinating experiences. There are some things that you need to understand and do to make yourself and your baby as comfortable as possible.

  • Breast feeding is extremely important for both you and your baby. Breast milk provides all the nutrition your baby needs and also provides your baby with antibodies that protect him/her from infections. This is very important for your baby as their immune systems are not fully developed.
    1. Changes in your body.
    2. Exercises to help you.
    3. Concerned about your weight?

Post Partum Depression (Post Delivery Depression]
  • If you are feeling a little bit low in spite of having your little bundle of joy in your arms don’t be alarmed. You might take some time to bond with your baby. This is quite common. You have just been through so much. The whole process is so exhausting that only those who have gone through it can actually understand it. Don’t burden yourself with unnecessary guilt if you feel a little low and be positive.

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