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Twenty Fourth Month

  • Congratulations! Your little one will be all of two years old this month. As you ponder about the 24 months that have gone by, you wonder how your little baby has grown.

    Your baby has spent the last twelve months developing his/her walking and running skills [motor skills]. By now your child will be much clearer about what he/she wants, what he/she likes and dislikes. The child will be using short sentences to let you know what he/she wants and by continuing to engage in a wide variety of activities you can help sharpen his/her skills.

    When you take him/her for the check up, discuss any issues that might be bothering you in detail with your pediatrician. It is also a good idea to visit your dentist also for a general check up.

Possible problems:
You have to remember that crying is the baby's main form of communication- it means he/she is trying to tell you something. A baby crying usually means one of the following. Your baby -
  1. The most common danger for children who play in sand/mud is getting worm infestation.
  2. They may be in danger of contracting other communicable diseases from any animal fecal matter in the area.
What precautions can you take?
  1. As far as possible make sure your child plays in sand/mud in an area that is unlikely to be contaminated by animal fecal matter.
  2. Is tired
  3. Is too cold or too hot
  4. Needs a diaper change
  5. Needs to be comforted
  6. Has gas
  7. Is over-stimulated
  8. Is sick

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