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Sixth Month

  • Your little bundle of joy is now six months old. By now he/she will most probably be rolling in different directions, turning to look at the source of new sounds and imitating a few sounds. His/her first tooth is most likely to erupt this month. Usually the first tooth that comes out is the lower one, followed by the two upper teeth (Incisors). Don't be too worried if the first tooth hasn't come out yet. A lot of babies get their first tooth a little later.

    This is also the age when your pediatrician will usually check your child's developmental status- the hearing, vision and activity. If you have any doubts check out our developmental milestone link. Never hesitate to talk to your doctor and clarify any doubts you have. It is natural to be extremely concerned about anything that concerns your baby.

  • You can also start weaning [start solid foods for] your baby now. Start with a single food e.g. a fruit like banana or apple. Mash the fruit well and make sure there are no lumps. You can also give him/her a cereal cooked similarly. By starting one food at a time you can avoid anything that your baby dislikes or causes your baby trouble. It is best to stick to home cooked foods. Speak to your pediatrician if you have any doubts or need any clarifications on what to feed your baby.

    Weaning and Nutritional needs:
  • As you have most probably started your baby on solid foods by now [experts suggest that you start from the age of six months], there are a few important things to remember.
    1. You should not add salt to your baby's food.
    2. An infant’s [less than 12 months old] kidneys might get damaged by excessive salt.
    3. The normal daily requirement of salt for an infant in the age of 7-12 months is about 1gram per day. This is why it is very important not add salt to your baby’s food.
    4. It is recommended that you do not give your child salted foods like chips.
    5. Your baby needs a balanced diet with cereals, fruits and veggies.
    6. You can give your child non vegetarian food without added salt.
    7. Stick to home cooked foods as far as possible. Avoid processed foods especially those that contain preservatives.

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