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Twenty Fifth Month

  • By now your little one has mastered the art of walking. He/she may even help with dressing him/herself up, even if it is something as simple as pulling his/her socks on. Your child will most probably be happy to join in a game of football with his/her father. He/she will also be learning quickly, so if you have older children at home, be sure to tell them to be on their best behavior. Your toddler will be picking up things that the older children do and it is easier for you to correct and control the older siblings.

    Get your child a few good books to help develop an interest in reading. This stimulates a child’s imagination and creativity. Make sure he/she gets plenty of outdoor time as well. Don’t let him/her watch television for long times just to keep your child ‘occupied and quiet’. This is not a very good idea.

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