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Fifteenth Month

  • As your little one grows he/she finds new challenges every day. He/she might be trying his/her strength on bigger and bigger things all the time. It is very important to ensure that he/she is being adequately supervised all the time. Children of this age usually understand simple instructions well. Your child may be pointing to a part of his/her body when you ask her where it is. He/she will actively listen to songs and stories, so make sure you have enough of these for him/her.

    Make sure he/she has plenty of things to keep him/her occupied. Every activity you do and give him/her helps in teaching your baby about his/her world. You can give your child anything he/she wants to eat as long as it is tolerated well. The booster dose of DPT and Polio will be coming up next month, so be prepared.

    Fever :
  • It is always a worry for you as parents when your child is down with a fever. A few important points to remember when your child is down with a fever are:
    1. It is more important to watch how active your child is, than just monitor your child's temperature.
    2. If your child has a high fever but is active and feeding well, it is unlikely to be anything serious.
    3. On the other hand if your child has a lower fever but has decreased activity and is not feeding well, contact your pediatrician immediately.
    4. Keep your child adequately rehydrated during this time by giving him/ her plenty of fluids]
    5. A combination of paracetamol and tepid sponging can be used to bring down high fevers.
    6. Do not attempt any other self medication. Always check with your pediatrician before you administer any new medicines to your child.
    7. If a fever lasts for more than 3 days, always take your child to your pediatrician for a checkup.
    8. If your baby has high fever/bad cough/greenish mucus/wheeze/ breathing difficulty / feeding poorly, see your pediatrician immediately.
    9. If your baby has a fever and a rash always see your pediatrician immediately.

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