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Twenty First Month

  • Now is a good time to try getting into a regular routine to make things easier for yourself and for your toddler. If you are not following a strict regular routine it is a good idea to try and get one together now. Having a fixed routine for your toddler's meals, nap time and bed time at night instills discipline and will be helpful for both of you.

    While keeping up with your toddler can be quite difficult, feeding his/her can be quite troublesome too. Toddlers, at this age can be quite stubborn and it is important for you not to lose your temper. Always try gentle reasoning and you will be quite surprised to see how well it works. If you feel that other family members [his/her father/ grandparents...] are spoiling his/her and contributing to unacceptable behavior, always speak out. It is important that you address this problem now, so don't keep putting it off for 'later'.

  • Allergies are a frequent worry for parent as the child begins to play all around the house and outside. This exposes the child to a wide variety of possible allergy causing substances. The commonest allergens [substances causing allergies] are:

    1. Dust
    2. Cigarette
    3. Smoke
    4. Paint
    5. Paint hair
    6. Insectbites

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