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Confirming Pregnancy

    Home Pregnancy test
  • You can check if you are pregnant at your home with self test urine pregnancy kit that is available at most pharmacies. It is a simple procedure; all you need to do is to follow the instructions contained with the kit. If you are not sure of doing yourself you can get it done at any lab or hospital.

    The time that a pregnancy test would be positive is 15 days after conception or 30 days after Last Menstrual Period.( saying the ovulation is at the middle of normal 28 day cycle)

    Once you confirm your pregnancy you should consult your doctor for a complete check up and health advice.

    Being confirmed your Pregnancy it is useful to know about your pregnancy its physiology, the baby (called fetus in medical jargon) growth in your womb, tips and precautions at each stage. You would be more comfortable to know more and more about these facts. Hence we inform you throughout your journey by giving the facts and guide you to make the healthiest decisions

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