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Warning signs during Pregnancy

    Please call your doctor/go to emergency immediately if you have following signs:

    First trimester Signs
    1. Excessive vomiting ( hyper emesis gravidarum ).
    2. Passing out blood with/without tissues during first 12 weeks (may indicate a miscarriage due to Chromosomal abnormalities etc) .
    3. Severe abdominal pain with/without vaginal bleeding (could be an Ectopic pregnancy - Pregnancy outside the Uterus).

    Second Trimester signs
    1. Excessive vomiting known as hyper emesis gravid arum can continue in the second trimester also.
    2. Passing out blood with/without tissues till 18 weeks (may indicate a miscarriage due to cervical incompetence).

    Third Trimester signs
    1. Bright red vaginal bleeding.
    2. Leaking of bag of water (sudden gush or slow leak).
    3. Sharp pains in abdomen or side which do not go away .
    4. Dim or blurred vision or flashing bright lights or spots. Bad headache/dizziness, a lot of swelling of face and body.
    5. Chills and fever above 100 degree .
    6. Pain when passing urine.
    7. Inability to tolerate foods or liquids .
    8. Muscular convulsions or fits.
    9. Excessive vomiting and diarrhea.
    10. Lack of kicking. After the 25th week of pregnancy, you should feel your baby kick at least four times over a one-hour period. If you notice fewer movements in two hours, contact your doctor right away: The baby may be in distress..
    11. Any blow or injury to your lower abdomen, with or without pain.
    12. Severe constipation accompanied by abdominal pain or severe diarrhea that lasts more than 24 hours.
    13. Persistent intense itching of your back, arms, legs, palms, or soles, or a feeling of itchiness all over your body.

    Please watch out for the Signs of premature labor (as you would for warning signs) and rush to the hospital immediately. The signs are :

    1. Contractions of your womb that are 10 minutes apart or closer (may be painless). Sometimes the contractions my feel like the baby is curling.
    2. Menstrual-like cramps, whether they come and go or don't go away.
    3. Cramps in abdomen with or without diarrhea.
    4. Increase or change in vaginal discharge (watery or with mucous or blood).
    5. Low, dull backache that comes and goes or doesn't go away.
    6. Pressure that feels like the baby is pushing down and that comes and goes.

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