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20'th Week of Pregnancy

20 week Pregnant
  • Congratulations!!Hey its time to celebrate! You are half way there. Only 20 weeks to go..(only)

Changes in You
  • At this stage, your feet might have swollen up due to the growing uterus obstructing the blood flow in the large veins of legs. As such, if you have any extra problems related to this, feel free to contact the Doctor.You may have heart burn or acidity and it may increase over the coming days. Hence, it is advisable to eat small and frequent meals with sips of water. Your energy level may deteriorate and you may tire easily. Keep yourself active by having snacks frequently (but not junk food) and take rest, if required. Common problems and solutions

Changes in Your Baby
  • Hey wait!! Be careful in the coming days, for your baby is starting to get into a bit of aggressive mode! Your baby's movements are becoming stronger as the ossification process (bone formation) continues and soft cartilage is hardened into bone. So from here on the kicks are going to be stronger!!!Your baby will begin to produce vernix, which is a white and creamy substance that will be protecting the baby's skin in his/her watery environment.

Tips and Precautions
  • Maintain rapport with other mothers who were pregnant recently and know their feelings. This shall allay your anxiety.

    You will want to spend some time thinking through your hopes and wishes for this special day. Starting with a journal, try to write down as many of your thoughts and plans for your delivery. Your journal will help you prioritize and articulate your ideas.Muscle ache is common now. Gently massage your achy ligaments or use a heat pad or warm face cloth where it hurts.

    You start snoring for the first time in your life, hormones cause your nasal passages to swell and partially block your airways. Hormonal Changes during pregnancyAvoid synthetics, which trap moisture next to your skin and can leave you damp and chilled. You become hot and sweaty in the middle of the night. Strip down to your bare essentials.

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