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24'th Week of Pregnancy

24 week Pregnant
  • Indeed a long journey. Isn't it? But you will soon taste the fruits that you have sown!!

Changes in You
  • Your uterus would be about 1.5 to 2 inches above your belly button and your bump is apparent and hard to disguise.Although the bumps and thumps are now obvious to you, it may be a few more weeks before someone else can feel your baby move by touching your abdomen.

Changes in Your Baby
  • Presume the size of a "big banana". It would be 25 cm in length and weigh 750 g.Your baby's skin becomes less translucent as pigment is deposited and it might look wrinkly because her body is making her skin more quickly than it makes the fat to pad underneath.Your baby's environment is becoming more crowded as he or she is growing and filling up space inside the uterus. As the weeks pass, space gets even tighter. When more fat is deposited and more muscle development takes place, it will begin to look smooth. No more worries, ok!!

Tips and Precautions
  • All throughout the pregnancy stay up to date with the antenatal schedules and exercise techniques. Nutritional requirements are about 300 kcal extra per day during this period.Between 24 and 28 weeks, most Doctors will perform a glucose screening test. This test checks for gestational diabetes. Signs and symptoms can include:Sugar in urine (revealed in a test done in your Doctor's office),Unusual thirst, Frequent urination, Fatigue , Nausea and Heartburn which can be decreased by skipping snacks and meals late at night.Any bleeding, vaginal discharge, especially if it is watery, severe or persistent headache, abdominal pain, pain with urination, or backache (Pre eclampsia )are to be reported to the Doctor immediately.Weight gain should be checked along with constant vigilance over your blood pressure. Iron supplements should be continued.

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