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Are you planning for pregnancy

  • That sounds great. You made a wonderful decision on part of your life. You are as wise to know the facts before planning to be a mother. Here are few points to make things simple for you.

What are the aspects looked into before you plan to become pregnant?
    1. Stop any kind of contraception that is regularly used. . Folic acid supplements three months before planning pregnancy a dose of 400 micrograms a day and continue till 12- 14 weeks of pregnancy period.
    2. Vaccinations are to be taken that cause problems to the developing baby like Chicken pox and Rubella. Ask the doctor how long you should wait before you plan for conception.
    3. Healthy diet and regular physical activity as advised.
    4. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
    5. Check the medications if any, with the doctor before you plan for.
    6. You can seek Genetic Counseling if it is a Consanguineous Marriage or previous birth defects in your family.
    7. Know the signs of Ovulation and increase the chances of conception.
    8. Usually the fertile period is said to be from 9th to 20th day of menstrual cycle, the 1st day being the start of menstrual bleed. This holds good in 28 to 32 day regular cycle.
    9. If you are planning to become pregnancy for second time know what is the best time and what measures are to be taken. Subsequent pregnancies (third, fourth) are not advised by countries with large population number.

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