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18'th Week of Pregnancy

18 week Pregnant
  • By 18th week, you will be going through one of the most beautiful phases of pregnancy! You will find yourself wrapped in the warmth and bliss of motherhood - it is the kick of your baby

Changes in You
  • Your belly is getting bigger and you're probably starting to think about maternity clothes, in case you are not wearing them already. You might have a thin, whitish vaginal discharge called leucorrhea which is normally secreted during pregnancy. The discharge is likely to become heavier as your pregnancy continues.Don't miss this moment!! Yes, you will have your baby kicking you! At this stage, you will start to feel your baby's first movements, somewhat like a fluttery sensation in your stomach, which is termed as quickening. You may have some aches and pains in your legs, tailbone and other muscles but nothing serious about them. Common problems and solutions

Changes in Your Baby
  • Your baby has grown about 5 to 5.5 inches long from top to tail and would probably weigh a little over 150 grams. Your baby has new muscles by now! That's the reason you can feel the power of those kicks now!!!Your baby would be sensitive to light and you can have fun by shining bright lights at your belly!! Seriously, he/she can see the light!!!! But, don't overdo it.give your baby adequate rest.

    Common problems and solutions

Tips and Precautions
  • Antenatal schedules should be once every month Prenatal CareThe weight gain by you should be watched closely. You should grow 1.5 to 2 kgs each month with a total of 5 kg by the end of second trimester (28 weeks).

    We hope your partner is up to the challenge. If not, prepare to move your mother or another relative in for a time. Also consider hiring a postpartum doula or baby nurse to help out.Always remember any changes you feel and notice are to be informed to the Doctor during your antenatal visit. High risk Pregnancy.

    Make sure not to get up suddenly when you are sitting or lying down. Avoid standing for extended periods of time; you feel fatigued. Also, while sitting, use a footstool to relieve leg pressure and promote blood circulation.

    You should have finished your third antenatal visit and if not ensure that.

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