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10'th Week of Pregnancy

10 week Pregnant
  • It's the 10th week! You will be enthralled knowing the fact that you have a more toned body. Your shape has changed drastically and you will have a stiff waist and fuller breasts.

Changes in You
  • You may start having mixed emotions at this stage. At times, you may feel like you are going crazy, you may feel sad, euphoric or irritable at different times. It's entirely natural for you to feel this way. All this is the effect of the hormonal changes you are going through. Your breasts seem more swollen and you may have pigmented nipples surrounding areola. You might put on some weight; usually it comes up to about 2 kg by the end of first trimester.

Changes in Your Baby
  • Your baby is about an inch long and probably weighs around five grams. At this stage, your baby would have kidneys, lungs, genitals and gastrointestinal tracts, though they are far from being fully formed. Hmm, quite interesting! At this point of time, your baby's bones begin to form in his/her limbs. Look out for the coming thirty weeks promptly, for its all about your baby's further growth. Now, keep your guesses at stake? At this point, a fetal heartbeat can be detected by a Doppler handheld device and chances of miscarriage are lowered to about five to ten percent. You may have a sigh of relief now!

Tips and Precautions
  • You may have already developed the infamous craving for food but --Avoid junk food. Eat generously but try to stick to a healthy diet. Continue the Iron and folic acid supplements till the end of 12 weeks. However a date scan is done to confirm the proper growth of the fetus and reconfirm the expected date of delivery. Investigations during Pregnancy.

    If you find something important in the family history report it to the Doctor. The Doctor conducts the required investigations like chorionic villous sampling and ultra sound if required Minimize your intake of processed food items and foods containing sodium nitrate such as cured meats; these substances may be carcinogenic (cancer-causing). Be sure to wash fruit and Vegetables and also peeling to avoid eating pesticides used on farms to kill insects.

    Gum bleeding is common during this phase of pregnancy due to hormonal changes. It is harmless and will disappear after delivery. Brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Frequent vomiting could leave stomach acids in your mouth. So rinse your mouth with water regularly. Even slight vaginal bleeding at this stage is a danger sign. Know about the Warning Signs. Immediately consult your Doctor.

    Ask your Doctor for vaccination schedules.

    Your partner should provide all the support to you. It makes a world of difference in you! Keep track of Changes in You and note them in a diary for future pregnancies.

    Know from your Doctor the average size of womb at various periods of pregnancy during your antenatal visit. Look if you have greater womb or lesser womb than expected. See your Doctor in doubt Complications during Pregnancy

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