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Various methods of delivery

  • Many women now have started choosing the method of child birth for a variety of reasons. Though it is not always possible to choose the method of delivery, it is still possible for you to decide how you want to have your baby if there are no other unfavorable medical conditions.

    Normal delivery (Vaginal Birth)

    1. It is the natural method of child birth and the way that nature intended it to be !
    2. Has none of the surgical risks involved .
    3. Quick recovery after delivery and the mother is able to move around much sooner than post Caesarean.
    4. No anesthesia related complications.
    5. You can actually watch your baby come into this world.

  • Disadvantages:
    1. Can be painful
    2. Labor may be prolonged/ difficult
    3. Urinary incontinence is more common in women who have had vaginal deliveries

    Caesarean Section

    1. The procedure is painless
    2. Less chances of having urinary incontinence later
    3. No undue prolongation of labor

  • Disadvantages:
    1. Recovery from delivery takes longer
    2. Risk of anesthesia and post operative complications infections, blood clots etc
    3. Longer duration of stay in the hospital

  • Caesarean Section or Normal delivery ?
  • Increasing number of women has started opting for caesarean delivery by choice, that is, in the absence of any medical reason for having one. You may want to discuss the methods of delivery with your gynecologist to decide what's best for you. Though in some cases you may not have the choice to decide whether you want to have a normal delivery as medical reasons may not permit you, you do have the choice whether if you decide to opt for a caesarean section. Sometimes in spite of having of having no medical reasons your doctor might have to do an emergency caesarean section during a prolonged normal labor due to any complications arising during labor or due to difficult/ prolonged labor.

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