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What Pregnancy means for Men

  • Most men have an overall picture and understanding of pregnancy, but still need a crash course on what they can do to help and make their wife's nine months as easy as possible.

How pregnancy may affect your wife
  • You may feel that your wife has changed significantly since her pregnancy. You need to understand a few things about this period and that change- both physical and mental are a natural part of pregnancy.

    1. In early pregnancy you may notice that your wife's taste changes- she may begin to dislike something that she liked previously and love something that she used to dislike.
    2. She may have early morning nausea and vomiting.
    3. There will be physical changes- like enlargement of her breasts. Do not forget that her breasts may be increasingly tender and sensitive.
    4. She might be extremely moody, irritable or depressed.
    5. She might not be interested in sex. You need to understand that it is important for you to adjust for her during this period.
    6. She may have cravings for a particular food. Pamper her to show her how much you care.
    7. Her appetite may increase. Remember that she requires additional nutrition during this time.
    8. She might get tired more easily and rest more often.
    9. In later pregnancy as her uterus grows she will have swelling in her legs and ankles.

Things you can do to help her :
  • You need to remember that there is a lot than you can do to make life easier for your wife. It is extremely important for you to be by her during this whole period.

    1. Help her out as much as you can. If you do not have any one to help her out , you should help her out with routine household chores
    2. Make sure she doesn't have to do heavy physical work or lift heavy weights.
    3. Make sure she has her supplements and any other medication she has been advised regularly.
    4. Make sure she eats small but frequent meals.
    5. Do accompany her to all her prenatal medical examinations. This may not seem very important to you; but there is no better way to show her that you genuinely care.
    6. Be kind and understanding with her tantrums and mood swings. She need you to be understanding and supportive throughout her pregnancy.
    7. Make sure you spend adequate time with her during the pregnancy.
    8. Let your wife take top priority over everything else during her pregnancy.

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