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6'th Week of Pregnancy

  • Congrats!!If you just found out that you are pregnant and missed out on the first 4 weeks of fun, don't have a lot of company. It is usually at the onset of the 5th week that pregnancy is first confirmed. This is when your missed period prompts you to undergo the pregnancy test.

    In allopathic medicine, we calculate the pregnancy weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. So in fact, the first four weeks period is the time when you would have conceived, usually at the end of second week from your last menstrual period.

    Those few of you who already knew that you are pregnant---well congrats anyway, you are slowly getting used to this long, tiring yet sweet journey.

    If you have missed a period but are still unsure about your pregnancy, get your pregnancy test ASAP.

    This is the simplest manner in which you can proceed. Visit any pharmacy in the locality and buy the pregnancy test kit. Detailed instructions would be provided on the kit on how to do the test.And cheer up! You know why? For it is at this stage that vital changes start taking place in the growing baby.

6 weeks pregnant
  • So how are you feeling now? Chances are that you might feel lightheaded and dizzy at times. You need not panic as it forms a part and parcel of the experience you are going through currently.

  • Changes in You
    • Most of the concerns you face at this time has a relation with the hormone Changes in Your body. (Hormonal changes in pregnancy).

      At this stage, you may start feeling a bit tired and may even have a slight headache. The weirdest thing is that you may not be able to distinguish tastes. These are minor problems that all pregnant women face, so chin up-take adequate rest.

      Well, it is likely that you may notice these Changes in Your body

      . Breasts enlarge. Your areola and nipples darken
      . Morning nausea and vomiting (the classic sign in the movies!!!)
      . Weird sense of taste
      . Fatigue and headache
      . Lightheadedness

      Keep yourself active with simple exercises like brisk walking and you can learn about Exercise during Pregnancy. Take care not to overdo the physical activity-if at any time you feel giddy during exercise, take rest.

    Changes in Your Baby
    • Have you started imagining whose features the baby possesses- that of the father or the mother? If you haven't, start now!!That's because at this stage your baby has started developing facial features. A small nose, tiny ears and minute lips are being formed right now!!!

      Your baby's eyes are formed from the tiny cups of pigment. Guess the size of the baby's brain? The brain has already become 10,000 times larger than the fertilized egg.

      Those soft thumping sounds resurface but this time it is true because by now, your baby's heart starts beating and is ready to circulate blood.

      And know what? The baby's mouth and fingernails are also slowly forming.

    Tips and Precautions
    • Know about the antenatal schedules and make a note of all the schedules in your calendar and set up reminders on your mobiles and PDA. Prenatal CareWatch your diet. There is no need to eat a lot at this stage, but avoid junk food. Fish and seafood are excellent low-fat sources of many nutrients and an important part of a healthy diet. However, there is a concern about eating fish and seafood during pregnancy, since many types of fish may contain high levels of mercury. For details click Nutrition during PregnancyAs days go by, morning sickness and vomiting will tend to subside and you will start feeling refreshed, all over again. However, if you have severe vomiting Nausea and Vomiting during Pregnancy, never hesitate to visit the Doctor.

      You may have constipation at this stage. If you find yourself tired of spending a long time sitting in the loo, don't press the panic button. Rather, try taking a diet having high fiber content.Continue to take the Folic acid, Iron and vitamin supplements and. If you haven't started yet, kindly consult your Doctor and start them now.

      Ask the Doctor which medicines are to be avoided in first trimester and in Pregnancy. Make a note of them. You can also check out our list of common Medications to be avoidedPainful and tender breasts are better managed by wearing a snuggly fitting bra. Sports bras help.Exercise!! Carefully. but do it. Low impact and low stress exercise is what you should gun for. Avoid contact sports/sports which carry a risk of falling heavily. Get tips and pointers here on our Exercise and Pregnancy.

      Visit your obstetrician according to the antenatal schedules. (Prenatal Care)Look out for Warning signs!!! If you come across vaginal bleeding or for that matter, abdominal pain, don't hesitate to call your Doctor immediately, even at the slightest hint of any such signs.

      Do confirm with your Doctor whether you come under the category of High Risk Pregnancy first trimester

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