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What to do when you cross due date of delivery

    What to do when you are overdue pregnant?

    1. A lot of women go beyond their expected due date, but the number who have what is called a "prolonged pregnancy" are roughly 1 in 6 pregnancies.
    2. "Prolonged pregnancy" is a pregnancy that lasts longer than 42 weeks .
    3. You might know your expected date of delivery. If not you can go to the home page of our website and use our EDD calculator. (Add 40 weeks to the last menstrual period or 283 days to the same date).
    4. It is suspected that the incidence of still births increases as the overdue pregnancy continues.
    5. "Wait and see" is a perfectly reasonable approach for you to make after 40 weeks but a final decision still depends on a complete examination by your doctor.
    6. If you hit forty-two weeks, your doctor will assess your health with a non-stress test and may use ultrasound to see if your baby has enough amniotic fluid. If your baby seems fine, you and your care provider can discuss when to schedule induction of labor.
    7. Usually induction of labor is done either by tearing the membranes{ the membranes are ruptured by your doctor or by chemical induction; medicines are also used to induce labor. Membrane sweeping increases the chances of labor starting naturally within 48 hours.
    8. Your doctor will explain how the baby is and guide you to take a decision .If you opt for induction a date is given for the induction at the hospital.
    9. If you're not sure about having an induction, ask for a day or two to consider. See what your midwife thinks and talk to friends who have had an induction. Find out how your partner feels.
    10. Your pregnancy will be monitored on a regular basis (every two to three days) to check that your baby's OK. So do visit the doctor as advised because the labor can be any time possible. At Labor
    11. Ultimately, the decision whether or not to have an induction is yours. Make it on the basis of the information you have been given by your obstetrician and your gut feelings about whether your baby is ready to be born.

    How to cope up with the overdue pregnancy after 42 weeks ?

    1. Have something planned for every day. Don't stay at home wondering whether you can feel anything happening.
    2. Tell friends and relatives not to ring every day to find out what's happening -- say you'll ring them when the big event has taken place!
    3. Rest -- if you're finding it difficult to sleep at night, take a nap during the day. Put your feet up. Play some music. Don't fret if you can't sleep, dozing is fine. Build up your energy stores for labor.
    4. If you think labor's started, but you're not sure, phone your doctor and ask for advice. Never hesitate to give her a call if you're worried about any issue.

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