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8'th Week of Pregnancy

08 weeks pregnant
  • When you move on to the 8th week, your baby grows into a complete embryo. So you can sit back and rejoice now! Most of the vital organs of your baby are in the process of formation, with a drastic increase in the size of your baby.

Changes in You
  • Your breasts will swell further. You may also notice a dark line from your navel extending onto your pubic hair; this is normal and Doctors call it linea nigra. Chances are that you may notice an increase in vaginal discharge as your vaginal walls soften with the production of a watery substance.

    At times, you might find yourself suffering from a sharp pain on either side of your pelvis, especially when you twist or stand up after sitting for a while. It is perfectly normal and is because of the increasing size of your uterus; you really don't need any medication for this. Just avoid sudden movements.

Changes in Your Baby
  • Your baby has grown as big as your thumb!! Your baby is growing up big time, isn't he/she? As a matter of fact, your baby starts forming limbs, fingers and toes. So there you go, he/she can even tickle you now! Your baby's ears, eyelids, upper lip, tip of nose and intestines develop very rapidly! Whew, isn't that amazing?

Tips and Precautions
  • Avoid junk food. Try to stick to a healthy diet. To check what is advised check out our Nutrition in pregnancy link. Low impact aerobics are also advised.

    If you have early morning nausea you can try vitamin fortified cereal at night. Vitamins are anyway supplemented in your daily diet. Common Problems and SolutionsContinue to take the vitamin supplements with Iron and Folic acid. If you haven't started any , kindly get to a Doctor.

    Visit to an obstetrician according to the antenatal schedules.Do you know your expected date of delivery (EDD)? If not you can calculate it on our EDD Calculator on our home page.

    Get the blood tests and urine tests done as prescribed by your Doctor to confirm the well being of the growing baby.

    Make a note of points that you would like to get clarified every time before you see a Doctor. Always give a complete history about you and your family at your first antenatal visit to your Doctor. Things you should tell your Doctor at the first visit of pregnancyLook out for any bleeding from the vagina. You may sometimes pass out some tissues while bleeding. This is a Warning Sign. It could also be a miscarriageIf you come under the category of a high risk pregnancy take note of the advice given by your Doctor and stick to it rigidly.

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