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Tips for Second Pregnancy

    Second pregnancy
  • A second pregnancy (or third/fourth etc) doesn't always mean that you have mastered the art of child bearing and that you always know what to do. The next pregnancy is usually different from a first for two reasons. Firstly you had no child to take care of during your first pregnancy and secondly because the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the first one may not be the same this time round.

    When should I plan my next pregnancy ?
  • Planning a next pregnancy is more difficult than the first one. With the pressures of child rearing you may wonder whether you have the time or energy to have another one. You may also be confused about how long you should wait before you get pregnant again. Many people would be giving the doctor's advice. Even it may not be your doctor who advises apart from the medical and public health reasons.

    Remember that it is not what other people say that matters, but rather when you and your partner think is the best time. Proper planning and spacing is important for the next pregnancy as having an unplanned pregnancy when you are not prepared for it financially, mentally and emotionally may cause you to treat the second child differently from the first one. Also having one immediately after the first pregnancy can leave the mother exhausted and mentally drained and she may not be able to devote sufficient time and energy for the second baby nor treat the second pregnancy as special as the first one.

    Also, an early subsequent pregnancy can cause medical problems like anemia, rupture of the caesarean scar (if you have had a caesarean earlier), more chances of getting pre Eclampsia if you had it in the first pregnancy and more chances of Rh or ABO incompatibility between the mother and baby than first pregnancy.

    What are the things I should know about another pregnancy ?
  • A subsequent pregnancy usually develops faster, so you will notice that your womb may be growing larger faster than during the first one. Also the baby kicks will be more perceptible and sooner than the first one so be prepared for more aches during the next one. The good news is that morning sickness is much lesser, if at all present. Also if you have had problems during your first pregnancy or labor you may be more apprehensive this time. So talk to your doctor about this. Any complications during the first pregnancy will also have to be taken care of this time as well. There will also be a lot of pulling and stretching this time so be prepared for it. The duration of labor is shortened during the second pregnancy so you can celebrate to that!

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