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13'th Week of Pregnancy

13 week Pregnant
  • Its time to boost up your activities, as you would have more energy, accompanied by lowered nausea.

Changes in You
  • You are likely to have certain smell and taste aversions, which will probably stick with you for the rest of your pregnancy. You will tend to ease on spontaneous throwing up! You would have lowered nausea by now. The lost energy is back to its original level and even the physical desires come to a normal state. A new liveliness replaces the earlier experienced dreadful feelings of continuous tiredness and nausea. As for the physical changes that body undergoes in week 13th, the breasts keep changing, you might have a painful sensation in the abdomen, and the uterus expands

Changes in Your Baby
  • Watch out, your baby weighs about 30gms and takes the shape of that of a "medium gold fish". Your baby might appear shorter than a finger, but he/she has already started showing features and characteristics.

    Your baby's ears have properly developed by now and the baby can hear you sing, hum or talk! So start singing nice songs, even if you are not talented! In this week, your baby develops pancreas, gall bladder and thyroid. The kidney even starts making urine. So your baby would start urinating out the amniotic fluid he/she started drinking a few days back. Your baby's bone marrow starts making white blood cells, which helps resist infections. Your baby is more immune now!

    Also, your baby's body is now growing more as compared to the head i.e. the baby is heading towards a better head: body proportion.

Tips and Precautions
  • Antenatal schedules should be once every month Yoga is another low-impact activity that can help you feel better. Many women benefit from Kegel exercises before, during, and after pregnancy. Kegel exercises are for strengthening the vaginal muscles. Pregnant women who perform these exercises find that helpful with birth and tone the muscles after delivery.

    The weight gain by you should be watched closely. You should grow 3 to 4 lbs each month with a total of 5 kg by the end of second trimester (28 weeks).

    Drink a glass of orange juice. Nuts, beans, eggs and soy products provide the essential proteins. Food cooked in olive oil will add the necessary calories. Lean red meat, spinach and legumes such as lentils (dals) are rich in iron. Take a high carbohydrate diet... dry toast, honey, banana, baked potato, muesli, steamed rice and paneer. Learn about the Nutrition in Pregnancy.Sexual urge increases during the second trimester. Sex in PregnancyThe date scan should be done by now. If not, ask your Doctor about the need for it.Hope you are maintaining a dairy regarding the Changes in You. It would be delightful to narrate these to your baby after the birth when he/she attains psychological development.If you feel the movements of the baby please tell your Doctor about it. It's called quickening and it is regular in this period. Remember any changes you feel and notice are to be informed to the Doctor during your antenatal visit. High risk Pregnancy in second and trimesters.

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