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19'th Week of Pregnancy

19 week Pregnant
  • By the 19th week, you may feel heavier and bulky. But physical appearance wouldn't bother you much since you will have most of the attention on your baby!

Changes in You
  • At 19th week, there are chances that you may experience back pain as the weight of your uterus makes your back work. Also, you areola and nipple size may increase which will remain so for 12 months after birth.

    As you gain more weight, you may want to switch to fuller, less restrictive clothing made from lighter-weight fabrics. This will make you feel more comfortable as your body temperature increases. You wouldn't regret the fact that you have lost your figure! Rather, you will be emotionally excited for your baby!

    Back pain (Common Problems) as the weight of your uterus makes your back work harder to keep you upright. Your lower abdomen area, extending to your groin, aches. This is round ligament pain and is caused by the stretching of muscles and ligaments that support your growing uterus.

Changes in Your Baby
  • What is my baby doing, at this moment? Well, your baby will be about half a foot tall and would weigh about 200 gms. As a matter of fact, your baby will already have a preference for the left or right hand, at this point of time. Believe that?And you know something? In your baby's brain, areas of the nerve cells that serve the senses of touch, taste, smell and hearing would become specialized and thereby form more complex connections.

Tips and Precautions
  • We would advise you not to take any herbal remedy without consulting your healthcare provider or herbalist. Many herbs that you might think are completely harmless may stimulate uterine muscles that could cause a miscarriage.

    Anomaly scan comes up around 20 weeks. If required, the Doctor may order some other tests like amniocentesis. Don't worry, these are for some conditions Down's syndrome, genetic history in family, abnormal triple and quadruple tests, Rh sensitization. It all depends on many factors in your history and examination by the Doctor.

    Maintain rapport with other mothers who were pregnant recently and know their feelings. This shall allay your anxiety.

    Workouts in water work like magic-you're buoyant, plus the water is soothing and relaxing. Try relaxing techniques for your increasing back pain. Use correct foot wear.

    Don't be guilty if you lose your sexual desire Sex during PregnancyMake sure your diet contains plenty of B vitamins and good fats to support your baby's developing brain cells..

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