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25'th Week of Pregnancy

25 week Pregnant
  • Over to the 25thweek. Now, let's see what changes you and your baby go through in this episode!

Changes in You
  • You may be gaining close to a pound a week now. You would have probably gained more than 15 pounds by now- and it can be seen that your morning sickness has vanished.At this stage, as a result of hormonal changes occurring in you, the tolerance for body glucose diminishes. This may result in Gestational Diabetes, a condition which requires special attention and much more work up.There is one more important condition known as preeclampsia that causes blood pressure changes, protein loss, and visual disturbances. Are you aware of it? Know more about the other Complications during PregnancyYou may have varicose veins on the legs, hemorrhoids near the anus and some breathing difficulties too. You might also have constant tingling and numbness of your limbs due to swollen tissues, which may also reflect as Carpal tunnel syndrome. See the Doctor if it reflects in your day to day activities. Common problems and solutions

Changes in Your Baby
  • Your baby would weigh about 0.8 kg and will be a little more than 25 cm.And here is an amazing fact for you! Your dexterous baby can touch and at the same time, hold the feet and make a fist! That's a cute and friendly gesture from your baby!!

Tips and Precautions
  • Check for the glucose in blood, both fasting and postprandial, and inform the Doctor about the values.Proper check up for urinary tract infections should be done by now.To make sure you'll enjoy your baby shower (if you have it as tradition), schedule it between weeks 30 and 36; you'll still be spry enough to enjoy it.Blood test to check for anemia if not done yet.Begin thinking about baby names. You and your partner may have already discussed this and have a name picked out.If you have an exercise schedule, use common sense and don't work out when you are feeling tired. Stop if you feel any pain or when you begin to feel fatigued, dizzy or short of breath. No better way to prepare your body for childbirth than yoga. Doctor's advice is recommended Exercise and Pregnancy

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