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38'th Week of Pregnancy

38 week Pregnant
  • So be ready atany all points of time, from now, because it can happen any time!! Start buying cradle and toys and give a grand invitation to your baby!!

Changes in You
  • You may experience a whole lot of back and neck strain, lots of fatigue, and not much relief! You will continue to add a pound a week and have a hard time getting around gracefully.Don't be tempted to try to induce labor with herbs or castor oil!!And keep eating small, frequent, nutritious meals , and if you think that your contractions may be the real thing, eat something.

Changes in Your Baby
  • The average newborn to be born has a Size: 50 cm (on average) Weight: 3 Kg. Don't fear if the baby is less than 3kg mark; the set standard to be born is above 2.5 kg in Indian conditions.Your baby would now be fully developed, though still adding connections between neurons in the brain. Your baby would have grown a full head of hair, with locks maybe around one inch or 2.5 centimeters long. Your little baby's organ systems are fully developed and in place, except for the ,lungs. but the The lungs will be the last to reach maturity. It would take a few breaths to expand the lungs , completely.

Tips and Precautions

    1. Did you go to the Doctor this week and get internally examined.
    2. Know from the Doctor what are the signs of labor and various subtle indicators such as loose stools, expelling your mucus plugs, dilated cervix and increased Braxton-Hicks contractions are all signs that labor is only a few days away. The infamous water breaking may or may not be your first true indicator.
    3. keepKeep in mind that only 4-5% of women actually deliver on their predicted due date EDD. What's more, if this is your first pregnancy, you can expect to be anywhere from two days to two weeks late. Here know the methods of delivery once again.
    4. Make a list of all the people you want to call invite when you give birth because when it happens both you and your partner will both forget everything during in the excitement drama.
    5. Go ahead and fix those broken cupboard latches and window screens. Hide or toss out harmful chemicals, detergents and aerosols as newborns are typically very sensitive to air-borne agents and toxic cleaning supplies and if exposed, babies can easily breakout with rashes. Paint the baby color to welcome the little guest.
    6. Trust us, you are not going to have much time later. Tthink about purchasing organic or dermatologist approved cotton comforters and pillows for the crib.

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