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23'rd Week of Pregnancy

23 week Pregnant
  • By this stage, you would have experienced much of kicks and punches down under your belly!!!

Changes in You
  • At this stage, if you don't counter any movements of the baby, relax!! Try talking with your care provider if worried. There could be a possibility wherein your placenta would be in front of the baby. There are also chances that the loss of movement is occurring because you are overweight.Your belly definitely has a round appearance now. Stretch marks are common in pregnancy. Also, if you have itchiness, avoid getting overheated, since anything that itches will itch more if you are warm.

Changes in Your Baby
  • You will feel more excited knowing that your baby is starting to look like a baby!! Your baby will be weighing in at a around three quarters of a kg and at eight inches long. And more interesting stuffs are there too!! Your baby appears plump, as he or she accumulates fat. Your baby's hearing is well established and the baby can hear your heart beating, your digestive noises, as well as your noise!! These are all amazing facts for you and you will be on cloud no.9!!!

Tips and Precautions
  • Remember about the antenatal visit and keep checking your calendar for your next scheduled visit,To keep your uterus and pelvic-floor muscles toned, do Kegel exercises and have orgasms! If your Doctor has told you to avoid sex because you're at risk for preterm labor, ask what she means by "sex" and which acts may be off-limits.Sudden swelling in your hands and face, be sure to call your Doctor because it may be a sign of a serious condition called preeclampsiaPut your feet up when you can, stretch out your legs when you sit, avoid sitting still for long periods, and exercise regularly to increase circulation.If you are currently working, you should be finalizing the plans and paperwork for your maternity leave. Work and PregnancyYou can work as long as you feel you can unless you develop complications that require bed rest.Think about After the baby is born are you going to go back to work or become a stay at home mom? If you are working, who will care for the baby? Your partner? Another family member? Would you feel confident in using a day care facility or a mother's day out program? Discuss these issues with your partner so that necessary arrangements can be made.

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