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Are you nearing your delivery date?

  • This is period around the expected date of delivery that was told to you by the doctor. Do you remember the date? Don't worry. Keep refreshing about the date of the delivery whenever you visit the doctor. You ask the doctor about the signs of labor. We would be giving you in brief the signs and symptoms that you go alert with. Normally the total period of pregnancy is around 40 weeks. It can occur anytime after 37 completed weeks to 42 completed weeks. It is overdue after 42 weeks and sees the doctor immediately. It is calculated by simple method from the last menstrual period you had (if you have regular 28 day cycles). Just add 40 weeks from your last day of regular menstrual period. You can use the EDD calculator on our home page.

Immediately rush to the hospital If :
  • Labor pains: If your contraction/pain occur every 10minutes, stronger and frequent contractions could be true labor pain. Rupture of Membranes: If your water breaks - you feel watery discharge of significant volume. Bloody show: If you notice any blood discharge coming out from vagina along with mucus plugs. You can feel that the womb sinks down and you are relieved with the pressure near your ribs and breathing becomes easier.

    Contact the doctor or call the ambulance if you notice any one of these:
  1. Waters (the amniotic fluid) have broken.
  2. Bleeding.
  3. Constant painful contraction or soreness in her womb
  4. No longer feels any signs of life in her baby.
  5. If you get the sensation that something is happening and there are more than three weeks until the anticipated birth.
  6. Previously had a Caesarean section.
  7. If the baby is lying with its head upwards in the womb (breech position).
  8. If you are expecting twins or another multiple birth.
  9. If you have given birth very quickly on a previous occasion.
  10. If you have a stitch in the neck of her womb (cervical suture).

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