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16'th Week of Pregnancy

16 week Pregnant
  • So how do you feel now? As the days pass by, you will feel more calm and composed.

Changes in You
  • As your abdomen continues to grow, it will begin moving other organs around to compensate for the growth of your uterus and baby. The top of your uterus is beginning to appear more rounded and is lengthening.

    Your uterus will begin pushing your intestines up and out towards the side of your abdomen. Most of you find it easier to feel your uterus when you are standing. If you lie down and try to feel your uterus it can be quite difficult since it falls back towards your spine.Common problems and Solutions

Changes in Your Baby
  • The umbilical cord connecting you to your dear child is not only lengthening but also becoming thicker and stronger, since the past few weeks. It provides the link through which your baby receives your blood and its nourishing elements.Your baby's sense of hearing developed, and as the ears are now fully formed and moved into their final position. Now, your baby can judge well than earlier whether you are a good singer or not!!! Keep Humming to him!!!

    Your baby starts to form adipose (fat) tissue. This will help your baby take on a more normal appearance by filing out the fine features. Fat is important for maintaining the baby's temperature and metabolism.

Tips and Precautions
  • If you feel the movements of the baby please tell your Doctor about it. It's called quickening and it is regular in this period described as fluttering or gas bubbles.

    First-time moms may not feel these movements as early as second-time moms. Some moms, especially those in their first pregnancy, may not feel movement until 18-20 weeks. Remember that each woman and each pregnancy is different, However seeing a Doctor if you don't feel after 25 weeks is a wise decision.

    Get the tests done if the Doctor suggests you at this point. Ultrasound, Triple Screen test and Congenital Abnormality Scan come at this time if only required Investigations done during Pregnancy.

    Nose bleeds or nasal congestions could be due to the hormonal changes. Consult your Doctor if this happens. Do not use over-the-counter medicines like nose dropsIf you have trouble sleeping, try drinking a glass of milk or taking a warm bath before bed.Maintain a diary regarding the changes occurring in you.

    Always remember any changes you feel and notice are to be informed to the Doctor during your antenatal visit. High risk Pregnancy in second and third trimesterExercise to maintain elastic skin tone, which in turn will help prevent stretch marks.

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