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31'st Week of Pregnancy

31 week Pregnant
  • 10 more weeks to go by!! So how do you find yourself? Raring to go!!!

Changes in You
  • By this stage, you probably find yourself going to the bathroom more frequently and you also experience trouble sleeping. The "nesting" instinct is likely to kick in soon. At this stage, you may experience having a hard time catching your breath, especially when you exert yourself. Try to take things a bit easy as you continue to grow and support your baby!!

Changes in Your Baby
  • Your baby would now is 39 cm in length and weighs 1.7 KgYour baby would gain more weight than her length, which will give the him/her those cute chubby cheeks. Fat places at the cheeks.As your baby continues to grow and fill out, the baby will find the space in your uterus much more confining. You will probably start feeling the effects of this as you become larger and increasingly uncomfortable during pregnancy. Your growing uterus fills under the rib cage and causes some difficulty in breathing.Many of you would be surprised at how hard your baby can kick during the final weeks of pregnancy!!!

Tips and Precautions
  • Follow antenatal visits regularly Think about the different kinds of pain relief options that will be available to you when you deliver. Discuss with your Doctor about the various methods.Make some time for you and your partner to be together so that you can rest your hand on her stomach in order to feel the baby move. Sharing these moments together will help you with the bonding process between you and your baby. A summary of Pregnancy for fatherYou can practice Kegel exercises to strengthen your vaginal muscles and prepare for your delivery. Ask your Doctor.If you find your breast producing milk, don't worry -purchase the nursing pads to protect your clothes, and bras to avoid embarrassing moments. This is normally the week of the final scan. It allows a check on the baby's growth and to check that all is well with the placenta exchanges. Don't insist on to your Doctor. This is simply a final check that the pregnancy will end well.

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