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36'th Week of Pregnancy

36 week Pregnant
  • Call your prayers. For, in just about four weeks, or maybe earlier, you will get your reward!!!

Changes in You
  • Be aware of the fact that you could go into labor any time between now and maybe six weeks from now. You will notice that your belly button is becoming flattened. There are chances that you will feel a lightening sensation on your ribs and organs as your baby descends down into your pelvis. Isn't that good news!!You will notice a remarkable change while breathing and eating. It will become easier!

Changes in Your Baby
  • With just one month to go, your baby would weigh about. 2.7 Kg . Ffull length from crown to feet would be now be about Size: 46.5 cm.Has your baby's movement slowed down? If so, you shouldn't worry. Its just that your baby is more cramped for space!!!Still, you should be able to feel your baby move more than ten times a day. Isn't that great news for you?

Tips and Precautions

    1. Antenatal schedules Prenatal Care. Your Doctor will give you one or two internal exams to check your cervix for thinning, softening, effacement, and/or dilation.
    2. Get to Doctor if there are any signs of labor At Labor
    3. Prepare to pack the suitcase. This will take several attempts because the first time you will try to take everything you could possibly need, but you find that a removal van will be needed to get it all to the delivery room Things to pack the bag with.
    4. And stay close to the loo at all times as you will be running to the bathroom, more often than ever. You may now indulge in pregnancy massage, or get to a swimming pool for relaxing dip.
    5. Catch the cat naps whenever possible and keep yourself hydrated with water and try to imagine how all of this will (hopefully) be much funnier in hindsight. Anytime the miracle baby could be outside.
    6. Better follow the Doctor's instructions for pain relief or know the safe methods.

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